Wendy Cocker

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Australians from “way Down Under” (Tasmania), Wendy Cocker and her husband Josh have enjoyed living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the past 14 years.

Cinco de Mayo

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This week one of my friends held a party to combine the celebration of his move to a new house and the Mexican fiesta of Cinco de Mayo. Until a few years ago I had never heard of this festival, and as it seems to be getting more popular each year I thought I’d look into its origins, so this week’s article is a kind of history lesson.

The Joy of Golf at Aramco

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It is Thursday, August 22, 2002, there is no humidity and a great day for golf. I had just returned from the States the previous Monday and Rich Crum had e-mailed me to play golf on the weekend. I would be subbing for Gary Propernick in their regular foursome on Thursday and Friday. The starting time of 5:15 was not inviting, but with jet-lag, I figured I would be awake early anyway.

Lost City of Gerrha Still Attracts Searchers

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The mystery beckons. Clues appear then contradict each other and often themselves. Somewhere beneath the sands of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province lie the remains of the fabled city of Gerrha. For Rami Kamal, determining their location has been both a dream and source of intellectual stimulation for several years.

Reliving a Memory - George Blakslee

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George Warren Blakslee was born July 1921 in Pennsylvania and earned a BA in geology from Penn State University. In 1943, he entered the Army Air Corps and was commission bombardier in 1944. After getting his wings, George's first assignment was to train two squadrons of Chinese cadets at Kirkland Air Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later, he trained for combat in B-17's and B-29's.

More Musings

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Okay, I'll try again. Thought a picture of my folks might help jog some of the older memories out there. Mom and Dad are Helen and Barney McKeegan who spent about 10 years in Dhahran. My Dad arrived in the field in 1944 and my Mom and I and my two sisters arrived in 1947.

Vic and TJ Friedmann Love North Carolina

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Vic and TJ Friedmann and son, Alexander, joined Aramco in 1974. Vic, a geophysicist in the Exploration Department, and family were initially assigned to the Croydon, England office in October 1974. Alexander attended the local school there.

An Old Hand

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When I first got turned on to your new site, I thought it looked like another site for mostly the ones who came to the field after 1960, and so, thought it might be another waste of my "Valuable" time.

Libby and Norm Murrell Open Sierra House Bed and Breakfast

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Libby and Norm Murrell Open Sierra House Bed and Breakfast. Libby and Norm Murrell retired in 1986 after working for Aramco for 22 years. Norm came to Arabia as a teacher; after eight years of teaching, he transferred to Personnel.

Marvin and Ruth Stark Retired in 1995

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My wife Ruth and I retired from Saudi Aramco in 1995. Ruth worked for Aramco as a British nurse starting in 1974. I joined the company in 1975 and we were married in 1980. I was an engineer from California and had the good fortune to work on all 5 of Saudi Aramco sulfur plants at Shedgum, Uthmaniyah, Berri, Ras Tanura, and Jubail.

George and Barbara Homolka

George and Barbara Homolka

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We do not have Bed and Breakfast guests constantly, a good thing, since we devote so much time to each person or group. Our main business is the woodshop and then the farm.

Alice Olsen - Former Dhahran Music Teacher

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I taught at the Dhahran schools from Dec. '79 through August '86. During that time I taught music and chorus in grades K-5, first at the Central School and later at the Hills School. I was also involved in the community chorus, community band (percussion), ANHA, and the square and round dance clubs.

Former ExPats, Edgar and Brenda Dewar

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Former Aramcons, Edgar and Brenda Dewar lived and worked in Arabia from October 1981 until July 1986. Edgar worked for Aramco as a chemical engineer, corrosion specialist, out of Udhailiyah and Mubarraz. Brenda taught in the Udhailiyah Schools for one year.

Woody Thompson Receives Commission

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Linwood Thompson graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, United States Air Force on May 25, 2002. In June, Woody will report for active duty at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where he will start navigator training.

What To Do On A "Rainy Day" in Dhahran?

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It doesn’t rain very much in Dhahran does it! However, as summer approaches some days are just too hot to go out and if you’re anything like me you really appreciate a day in the house, just as you do on a rainy day at home. But, what to do if you really don’t feel like reading, watching television, or sorting out that cupboard you promised yourself you’d do weeks ago?

Cirque Du Soleil

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First, the Cirque du Soleil is not a circus as the name implies.