Adventures in Duct Taping

By Aramco ExPats / 16 August 2017

Is there anything one can find in their tool box or on their work bench more useful than duct tape? I doubt it. If there’s a rip in something, you can use duct tape to fix it. If a pipe is leaking, chances are you can staunch the flow of water at least for the time being by wrapping the pipe with copious amounts of duct tape.

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  • A Tree Stands in the Desert....

    A Tree Stands in the Desert....

    By Robert Lebling / 16 August 2017

    A Saudi desert expert recently told me about an unusual tree that grows near the old town of ‘Ain Dar, in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. The tree is four or five meters tall, and local lore maintains that it has been around for hundreds of years. It is extremely rare; he only knows of one other tree like it, near the archaeological site of Thaj to the north.

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  • Arabian Return Chapter XXIV: Home for Christmas Again

    Arabian Return Chapter XXIV: Home for Christmas Again

    By Colleen Wilson / 15 August 2017

    I met the girls at the Dining Hall at 9 o'clock for our "breakfast club". Sheila had received her film of our rug laying party at the Steindorfs, so we went to her house to watch that. It was really funny with everyone acting crazy, dancing, etc., but we wouldn't have wanted that film to fall into the wrong hands. It would either have been misinterpreted, or everyone would want to join our group.

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