Tales of the Bedouin – Part XII: Faisal and the Falcon, Part 1

By Mark Lowey / 12 May 2021

In this piece, Mark Lowey chronicles the story of Faisal Al Qahtani, a young falconer from Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, who learned the ancient art of falconry – and life’s lessons – from his remarkable father.

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  • The Beauty and Fragrance of al-Taif

    The Beauty and Fragrance of al-Taif

    By The Arabian Sun / 11 May 2021

    For centuries, people have gone to al-Taif, high in the Sarawat Mountains, to escape the summer heat and enjoy the cool, lush scenery in a relaxed atmosphere. But the southwestern city really comes to life when the curtain opens on the most important event of the year, the annual Rose Festival.

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  • "Dear Folks": Chapter 8

    "Dear Folks": Chapter 8

    By Ken Slavin / 12 May 2021

    In stark contrast to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East and worldwide headlines describing fighting, bombings and the flight of up to half a million Palestinians from their homeland to refugee camps – sparked by the U.N. vote to partition the region two years earlier -- 1949 is a year of enormous expansion and success for Aramco, professional growth for Ken Webster and exotic travel for the Webster family.

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