Aramco Golfers Bag Pinehurst - Another Bucket List Course

By Aramco ExPats / 23 June 2021

A group of Aramco Retiree Golfers, determined to play the top golf courses on their “Bucket List” in North America and around the world, bagged world-renowned Pinehurst May 3-7, 2021. The courses hosted the Men’s U.S. Open Championships in 1999, 2005 and 2014 and the U.S. Women's Open Championship in 2014.

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  • Big Changes at Reilly Financial Advisors

    Big Changes at Reilly Financial Advisors

    By Reilly Financial Advisors / 23 June 2021

    Big changes are happening at Reilly Financial Advisors, and we want to make sure everyone at Aramco is kept in the loop! It seems that while Vice President – Middle East Mark Shane was helping Aramcons craft and maintain their retirement plans, he was also working on his own.

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  • "Dear Folks": Chapter 13

    "Dear Folks": Chapter 13

    By Ken Slavin / 23 June 2021

    Ken and Mildred Webster presented their younger daughter, Susan, with her own horse for her 12th birthday in January 1953. This was truly a momentous occasion in Susan’s childhood, as she was “horse crazy” from an early age and spent most of her free time riding and honing her horsemanship at The Hobby Farm for years prior to this special gift.

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