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Havergal College

Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest urban centre, Havergal College is one of the country’s leading independent schools for girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Since 1894, Havergal has welcomed both day and Boarding School students, from over 20 countries around the world, into our community. We are proud to play a role in advancing girls’ education across the globe.

Havergal College
Havergal College

Havergal’s exceptional education is rooted in the principles of liberal arts, with a rigorous curriculum designed around the pillars of academics and wellbeing. Students are empowered to express themselves with creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence in a supportive, stimulating learning environment. Armed with skills needed to lead with purpose and thrive no matter what tomorrow brings, Havergal graduates are future-ready.

Havergal College

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Our Mission

For nearly 130 years, Havergal has been committed to its mission to prepare young women to make a difference. Our founding principal Ellen Knox was known to challenge students with the enduring question—“what are you going to do?”—which still resonates with students today.

Our Values

Havergal’s values of Integrity, Inquiry, Compassion and Courage are at the forefront of all that we do and help to keep us aligned with our mission. Equipped with these values, our students are ready to take on the ever-changing world with confidence, resilience and global-mindedness.

Havergal College

About Boarding at Havergal College

Boarding students are fully engaged in all aspects of school life from academics and co-curricular programs, as well as sharing their lived experiences. They come from approximately 20 different countries and call Havergal their second home. Here, Boarders will create memories, cultivate lifelong friendships and build essential life skills. Boarding life is full of new experiences, adventures, cultural richness and personal growth.

Havergal College

Boarding Philosophy

Our philosophy is to nurture the personal growth and wellbeing of each student by encouraging student agency and fostering strong connections with all members of the Boarding community. We provide a supportive, caring and safe living and learning environment in which students can thrive and where mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities. Our goal is for each student to be a well-rounded individual who is accountable for managing themselves and empowered to positively influence their own lives and the world around them. The Boarding School values and embraces diversity within the members of our community and is committed to creating an environment of equity, inclusion and belonging.

Havergal College
Havergal College
Havergal College

Boarding Accommodations

The Boarding School is located on the top floors of our Upper School, where Boarders enjoy comfortable accommodations in bright, airy rooms overlooking our gardens and playing fields. Students typically have a roommate in their dorm room and there are common spaces for gatherings throughout the Boarding School, in addition to a separate study room with desktop computers. Wireless access is available throughout the Boarding School and each room is equipped with an access port. Our large, sunny common room is a favourite place for students to gather to play games and chat. The space is furnished with easy chairs, couches and a media centre, where students can spend time together. Each floor has a kitchenette for students to use between meals. Bathrooms are semi-private as well as communal, typically shared between two or three students.

Havergal College
Havergal College
Havergal College

Boarding Community

To help students develop the essential skills they need when attending school away from home—increased self-reliance, confidence and the ability to adapt to new situations—each Boarding student belongs to a smaller advisory group. Advisory groups are made up of about eight to ten students across various grade levels and are headed by the Boarding staff and two student leaders.

Boarding staff are in regular contact with their groups, which are designed to create and maintain positive connections.

Boarders also participate in community meetings twice a month to discuss issues related to Boarding life, share information and make announcements. These meetings help foster connections and build a strong sense of community with and among Boarding students and staff.

Havergal College

Boarding Team

Boarders call Havergal home. Here they are surrounded by friends, supporters and advisors to help them along the way as they adjust to living on campus. Our Boarding Team lives on-site at the Upper School with the Boarders and ensures that each student receives the individualized care and support they need to thrive at Havergal.

Our Boarding staff maintains ongoing communications with parents and guardians to inform them of their child’s accomplishments. Our Boarding Team consists of the Head of Boarding, and a variety of staff and student representatives.

Boarding staff are dynamic individuals, many with teaching and coaching experience, and serve as a liaison between students, parents and the Day School. They act as advisors, mentors, role models and leaders for Boarders and assist the Boarding Council with planning student activities throughout the year.

Havergal College

Living in Toronto

Havergal Boarding students appreciate being in a culturally vibrant region and enjoy immersing themselves in all that city life has to offer. Our close proximity to the downtown core allows students easy access to a variety of unique urban experiences. From internationally renowned museums and galleries to live theatre, major sporting events and numerous attractions, boarding at Havergal provides students with unparalleled learning opportunities.

Toronto is home to several prestigious post-secondary institutions, including some of the country’s top-ranked universities, along with a number of colleges that offer continued learning beyond high school. A Havergal education allows students access to these world-class schools and provides them with the valuable experience of studying in Canada.

Additional Boarding Supports

Security: The Boarding School maintains around-the clock security, with Boarding staff on duty at all times.

Healthcare: Boarders have full access to healthcare through the onsite Health Centre, where a nurse is available daily and a physician is on-call when needed.

Guidance: All students, including Boarders, have Guidance Counsellors who establish links with each student to monitor and support their progress. Students are assigned a Teacher Advisor, who gathers with them most mornings at the start of the school day.

Counselling: Havergal has two social workers on staff, available to Boarders for additional support if needed.

Food Service: Our Food Services staff are attuned to the unique nutritional needs of each student.

Housekeeping: Laundry service and housekeeping services are available for added student comfort.

Activities: Every night after study time, a range of optional activities are offered, including aerobics, games and yoga.

Spiritual: Boarding staff can assist Boarders in finding a place of worship that best suits them. Our Upper School Chapel also provides a quiet place for prayer and spiritual reflection, if desired.

Applying to Havergal

We invite you to visit our website for more information and to apply online: www.havergal.on.ca

If you would like additional information, our Admission team would be happy to send you a digital admission package as you begin to explore more of what Havergal has to offer.

Havergal College

Boarding Admission Process

Our admission process for Boarding students involves the following steps:

  1. Completion of application; Applications for the Boarding School are accepted on a rolling basis.
  2. Apply for financial assistance by the deadline.
  3. Assessment and English requirements.
  4. Interview.
  5. Admissions decision.


Please contact our Admission department for more information at: admissions@havergal.on.ca


Havergal College

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