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The Saudi Speakers Bureau takes as its credo this basic formulation: That knowledge begets understanding; that understanding begets respect; and that greater knowledge, better understanding and deeper respect together beget the possibility that the nations and peoples of the world can find ways to live together in peace, develop a true appreciation for one another's values and beliefs without prejudgment and sustain a lasting mutual tolerance for each other's aspirations and ways of life.

Viewed from this perspective, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a special story to tell-many stories to tell, in fact, stories of vital importance. The world at large-and the Kingdom itself-will together benefit from a greater awareness of the unique character of the Saudi people, of the richness of the Saudi heritage, of the diversity of Saudi culture, of the contours of Saudi history, of the beauty of the Saudi land and of the strength of Saudi industry. The goal, then, of the Saudi Speakers Bureau is two-fold:

  1. To create a range of effective means to collect and share those stories; and
  2. To lead and support a broad-based, multi-media effort to tell those stories to groups and schools and organizations everywhere.

We pursue these goals believing that knowledge and understanding bring light to the world, drive away the shadow of ignorance and lead us out of the dark land of misunderstanding. Embracing this position, we begin with a look at the history of Saudi Arabia, a rich, vibrant tale unique among the nations of the world.

Comprehensive Overview of Saudi Arabia

Explore the many facets of Saudi Arabia with a comprehensive presentation that provides an introduction to other Aramco ExPats Speakers Bureau topics. This lecture provides an overview of the geography, history, economic advances, and cultural developments of Saudi Arabia. With all Speakers Bureau presentations, our goal is to cultivate an understanding of life on the Arabian Peninsula for audiences that are unfamiliar with the many nuances of the area’s culture and traditions.

An Overview of the History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When people the world over speak of Arabs, Arabia and Saudi Arabia, few non-Arabs realize the significant history underlying these words. We begin with a look at the history of Saudi Arabia, a rich, vibrant tale unique among the nations of the world. In this section, you will find the following chapters: 1) What's In a Name, 2) Pre-Islamic Arabia, 3) Makkah, Muhammad & the Birth of Islam, 4) The Golden Age of Islam, 5) The First Saudi Sate, 6) The Second Saudi State, 7) The Unification of Saudi Arabia, 8) The 1970s, 9) The 1980s, 10) The 1990s, 11) The New Millennium.

Desert Gold: The Rich Geography of Saudi Arabia

Mention Saudi Arabia to someone and the first thought that comes to mind most often is oil. The discovery of rich deposits of crude oil on its territory in 1938 and the flourishing of its related industries since have transformed the nation, its people and the world in the span of a few generations. In that time, oil has become the indispensable lubricant that keeps the global economic engine running smoothly. As the leading producer with the largest proven reserves, Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal role in keeping that engine's cogs from clogging.

Saudi Aramco: Fueling Progress Since 1933

From the start, the key player in the development of the Kingdom's petroleum resources has been the enterprise known today as Saudi Aramco, arguably the premiere oil company in the world. The history of Aramco's climb to the top of its industry from its early days as a speculative venture facing an uncertain future is the latest chapter in a story whose beginning precedes written records.

KAUST: A House of Wisdom, A Beacon of Tolerance

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco have launched a radical new social experiment right in the heart of a very traditional and conservative culture: KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. The university's vision and mission states "KAUST will be a globally renowned research university that makes significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement, and will play a crucial role in the development of Saudi Arabia and the world."

Saudi Arabia A-Z

This presentation is a light-hearted look at iconic images and historical contributions of Saudi Arabia - each beginning with a letter of the English Alphabet. It is a great tool for introducing kids and community groups to the rich history, culture, and lifestyle of the people of Saudi Arabia.