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Pickering College
Pickering College

Established in 1842, and located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Pickering College is a co-educational independent day (Kindergarten–Grade 12) and boarding school (Grade 7– Grade 12) accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Pickering College is located in the best country in the world for education, according to the 2017 Best Countries report and rankings by the US News & World Report. Canada ranks second for Best Country overall and received top marks for overall quality of life out of the 80 countries evaluated.

Our international students receive unparalleled support, including family-style residence living and dining, and a unique advisor program that meets each student's academic and emotional needs. Students from JK to Grade 12 have hands-on leadership experience in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. As leaders in Canadian education, Pickering College develops and instills in our students the values, knowledge, and self-confidence to be successful in university and in life.

Pickering College

Our Global Leadership Program builds on our longstanding mission and community service-oriented approach to education, preparing students with the skills needed to be innovative, entrepreneurial, globally-focussed and ready to tackle complex global issues.

Key Facts:

  • 100% university placement at top universities in Canada and around the world
  • Unique fully integrated Global Leadership Program
  • Dynamic on-campus boarding
  • English as Second Language classes
  • Dedicated and caring teachers
  • Challenging and engaging academic curriculum
  • Full recreational and competitive co-curricular program
  • Safe and supportive nurturing environment
  • Small class sizes and personalized attention at every grade (JK to Grade 12)

Pickering College has an exciting ESL Summer Camp for students aged 12 to 18 who plan to study in an English-speaking school or who wish to study English as an academic subject in their own country. Learn English and experience the wonders of summer at our 42-acre campus, an ideal location for a unique program that combines intellectual learning with a summer vacation in Ontario, Canada.

Home Away from Home

Pickering College helps boarding students to transition to living and studying in Canada.

Every September, Pickering College’s boarding program welcomes students in Grades 7 to 12 from around the world. For some students, it is their first time away from home. For others, not only do they have to navigate the challenges of settling into a new country but also speaking in their second language full time.

“It is normal to have mixed feelings about leaving home to go away to school,” says Laura Mason, Director of Boarding Life and Health Services at Pickering College. “It can be exciting to make new friends, have new experiences, be more independent and become more confident. We understand that students may also be feeling scared, homesick or lonely. It is not unusual for them to feel nervous about leaving their familiar surroundings and we tailor our program to help them through this transition.”

Pickering College

To help keep homesickness at bay, Pickering College’s boarding students live in a family-like atmosphere called a boarding family. Each family is headed by an Associate Faculty member (many of whom are qualified teachers) and are assisted by senior boarding students known as Proctors. Each family contains students from all different grades which allows for mentoring relationships to develop and flourish.

“Our boarding program is very robust and attempts to offer opportunities to suit everyone’s interests. We have activities that run each evening and a very extensive weekend activity program. There is no shortage of things to do for those willing to get involved and participate,” says Mason.

Pickering College provides boarding students with opportunities to experience Canadian culture, to develop new skills, to gain a greater understanding of the international community in which they live and to become independent thinkers. And the school’s boarding students are quick to tell you why they love the boarding program at Pickering College.

“As a boarding student, I really like the residences and boarding life,” says Eduardo Pita Leca, a Grade 12 boarding student from Curaçao who was new to boarding last school year. “I really enjoy that every day and night it’s a new adventure.”

Pickering College

“The students here at PC are very friendly and outgoing people no matter what your background, where you come from or if you’re a boarder or day student, you always have someone to talk to about almost anything,” says Kallin Raynor ‘15, a Pickering College graduate and boarding student from Bermuda. “The people you meet here at this school are essentially life time friends that you keep forever.”

“Since Pickering College is a diverse school, being a boarder has improved my integration with other nationalities,” explains Josephine Kanu ’16, a new Pickering College graduate and boarding student from Sierra Leone. “I have been able to communicate and bond with students from different grades and nationalities through classes, co-curricular activities, advisor meetings, advisor lunch and clubs. PC is just a fun, exciting and inspiring place to be.”

Pickering College

16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket
Ontario, Canada L3Y 4X2
Tel: 905.895.1700
Toll-free: 1.877.895.1700
Email: admission@pickeringcollege.on.ca


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