Association of Former Saudi Aramco Employees - Lahore, Pakistan
(photo caption: standing left to right: Muhammad Jamil, Muhammad Naeem Gil, Munnawar Ahmed, Syed Arshad Naeem, Riaz Ahmed, Amjad Hussain Langah, Mr. Butt (guest), Mr. Younis (guest from USA), Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Ashfaq (Secretary), Ghaffar Khan, Mahmood Ahmed, Khawer-ul-Islam, Muhammad Abbas, Ch. Imtiaz Ahmed, Malik Maqbool, Syed Yousif Shah (Photographer)

On January 28, 2018 the Association of Former Saudi Aramco Employees of Lahore, Pakistan gathered for their 127th party at one of the finest hotels in Lahore - TABAQ. As this was their 4th party of the year, family, including children, were invited to attend.

At it's inception, the Association consisted of 282 members. Sadly, since this time, numbers have lessened to 43 members as earlier members have passed on. In the words of the Association, "May God bless them. Amen."

Shaikh Amin regrets that he was unable to attend.