Robert A. Marques

8 January 1910 - 15 February 1951

With deep regret we announce the death of Robert A. Marques on Thursday, February 15, 1951, at 8 a.m., of natural causes.

John Wesley and Michael Cannedy

28 September 1918 - 19 December 1950

With Deep Regret we announce the death of John Wesley Cannedy on Tuesday, December 19, 1950 and Michael Cannedy on Friday, December 15, 1950.

Larry Holmes

22 February 1906 - 9 December 1950

We regret to announce the accidental death of Larry Holmes, on December 9, 1950, at 3 p.m. in the vicinity of Ain Dar where he was assigned as a Rigger.

Ibrahim bin Ahmed

14 August 1950

During the night of August 14th, while awaiting transportation to Rahaima at the intersection of the Ras Tanura-Terminal road and the North Pier road, Ibrahim bin Ahmed, #3019, was run down and killed by a car driven by a non-Company employee.

Bruce K. Potteiger

12 August 1921 - 29 May 1950

Bruce K. Potteiger passed away in the Dhahran Hospital early Monday morning, May 29th, from a serious illness.

John R. Robertson

3 March 1950

We regret to announce the death of John R. Robertson on Friday March 3, at Ras El Misha'ab, the result of an automobile accident.

Edwin Otto Harris

26 February 1900 - 20 January 1950

Edwin Otto Harris, IBI-S. G died on January 20 of a coronary occlusion.

Flake Ferris Mayberry

4 August 1897 - 16 January 1950

Flake Ferris Mayberry, IBI-Tapline died on January 16, due to the result of an automobile accident near Ras el Misha'ab.

S. S. Bardo

12 January 1950

With regret we announce the death of S. S. Bardo on January 12th in New Jersey.

Richard S. Cairns

4 January 1950

In Memoriam - We regret to announce the death of Richard S. Cairns on January 4th, in New York City.

Alex Mackay

18 August 1900 - 19 November 1949

Alex Mackay, a Warehouseman for the Service Organization, died suddenly at the BOAC Hotel on Bahrein Island of a heart attack, November 19, 1949.

Henry Caldwell Penick

22 January 1897 - 12 November 1949

Henry Caldwell Penick of the Service Organization passed away on November 12 at the Dhahran Hospital of a heart attack; he had been ill for a while.