Mrs. Frances K. Totten

Deceased: 15 December 1958

Under: Obituary

Mrs. Frances K. Totten, wife of George H. Totten, District Fire Chief, Dhahran, died in the American University Hospital, Beirut, Monday night Dec. 15. The funeral was held in Beirut.

The Tottens, who were on home leave, had planned a Nov. 18 through Nov. 30 stay in Beirut, when Mrs. Totten fell ill. Her husband and her daughter Carol were with her at the time of her death. Totten and Carol left for the United States last Sunday.

Mrs. Totten arrived in Saudi Arabia from her home in New York Jan. 31, 1952, and joined her husband in Ras Tanura, the district to which he was first assigned. They lived there until March, 1956, when Totten was assigned to Dhahran.

Surviving Mrs. Totten are her widower and three daughters, Carol, a student at Alfred Academy, Alfred, N.Y., Mrs. Jeanne Robinson of Southhaven, N.Y., and Mrs. Nancy Marrash of Port Jefferson, N.Y.

Friends wishing to write to the Totten family may address them in care of Mrs. H. Buys, West Sayville, Long Island, N.Y.




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