Hikmat Jawdat Darwish

21 July 1966

Hikmat Jawdat Darwish, supervisor of television program presentation in the Public Relations Department, died July 21 as a result of injuries sustained in a one-car accident on the Nariya highway the previous day.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Goodyear

13 July 1966

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Goodyear were victims of an auto collision last Friday evening on their return to Dhahran from a weekend trip to Riyadh.

Mary Gibbons

6 July 1966

Mary Gibbons died early Tuesday morning in Dhahran. Services will be announced.

John Thomas Meade

18 May 1966

John Thomas Meade, 47, a senior engineer with International Bechtel Builders, Inc., died suddenly last Wednesday morning in Abqaiq.

Raye F. Davis

15 May 1966

Raye F. Davis, a night foreman in Ras Tanura District Administration, died May 15 in California. Interment was in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Margaret A. Schulze

13 April 1966

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Margaret A. Schulze, wife of Carl F. Schulze, on April 13 in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston, Mass.

Mary Butler

25 February 1966

Word has been received of the death of Mary Butler (Mrs. Carl W.) on Friday, Feb. 25, at Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City.

Bernard A. Van Landingham

4 December 1965

Bernard A. Van Landingham, assistant to the district manager, died unexpectedly in Ras Tanura last Saturday afternoon.

John L. Zalar

11 October 1965

John L. Zalar, 43, died Monday night in the Dhahran Health Center after a brief illness.

Roland L. Cundall

8 October 1965

Roland L. Cundall died in California on Oct. 8 as a result of complications following heart surgery performed Oct. 5 and 6.

R. Miller Henderson

4 October 1965

R. Miller Henderson died on October 4, 1965. He was born in Fresno County, California in March of 1897.

Mrs. C.P. (Lucy) Motsch

3 September 1965

Mrs. C.P. (Lucy) Motsch died after a sudden illness Friday, Sept. 3, in the Dhahran Hospital.