Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Howard, Daughter Beth Howard

20 May 1965

The crash early Thursday morning near Cairo of a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 720B jet took the lives of three members of the same family, long resident in Ras Tanura.

Harry S. Yaplee

5 May 1965

Harry S. Yaplee, 44, an Aramco employee for six years, drowned early this week in an accident in Tahiti, according to word received here.

Clara Evans

18 March 1965

Mrs. Clara Evans of Dhahran, mother of Shirley E. Nolan, died unexpectedly last Thursday at the age of 76.

Walter H. Fisher

7 March 1965

Walter H. Fisher, 50 died last Sunday, March 7, in the Dhahran Health Center, following a short illness.

Donald Gerald Larson

17 November 1961 - 24 February 1965

Donald Gerald Larson, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Larson of Abqaiq, died after a brief illness February 24 at the Dhahran Health Center.

Willis R. Wick

8 February 1965

Word has been received of the death, Feb. 8, of Willis R. Wick, former Aramco employee.

Thomas Shaw

10 November 1964

Thomas Shaw, former Aramco employee, died Nov. 10 in North Carolina.

V. Louise Clausen

11 October 1964

Mrs. V. Louise Clausen, whose husband retired from Aramco last May after 30 years of service, died of a heart attack Sunday in El Segundo, Calif.

Dima Salamah

22 July 1964

Dima Salamah, aged 6, daughter of Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahab Salamah of the Labor Relations division, G. O., died last week.

Frances Marie Richards

3 May 1964

Frances Marie Richards, 58, wife of Richard O. Richards, who departed last December on long vacation and retirement, died in California on May 3.

Emil Fred Kornmayer

1 May 1964

Emil Fred Kornmayer, Jr., 39, supervisor of Relief Accounting, Abqaiq Cost Accounting, died in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 1 while on long vacation.

James B. Webb

20 April 1964

James B. Webb, who departed last October for long vacation and retirement, died on April 20 in California.