Ralph Henry Devenney

18 April 1964

Ralph Henry Devenney, 47, first came to Saudi Arabia in June, 1947.

William Kelly Jewell

18 April 1964

William Kelly Jewell, 55, was born in Napa, Calif.

George Hoyle

18 April 1964

George Hoyle, 37, first came to Saudi Arabia in 1954 to work in Ras Tanura as a construction engineer.

Air Crash Obituaries ( Part - 2)

18 April 1964

The extensive search for victims of the tragic crash of Middle East Airlines Flight 444 was carried on almost continuously day and night, by land, sea and air.

Isaq Khalil Michael

18 April 1964

Dr. Isaq Khalil Michael, 44, was born in Ramallah, Palestine, and received his secondary schooling there.

Marjorie Kluge Baumgartner

18 April 1964

Marjorie Kluge Baumgartner, 39, was the wife of Frank L. Baumgartner, superintendent of Communications in Dhahran.

Robert Keith Souders

18 April 1964

Robert Keith Souders, 39, was born in Whittier, Calif., and attended schools in La Habra and Fullerton, Calif.

William Anthony Scott

18 April 1964

William Anthony Scott, age 39, worked for over 10 years with Aramco's Public Relations. Since August, 1961, he was department manager.

Thelma Jean Carter

18 April 1964

Thelma Jean Carter, 35, was born in Hazel Park, Mich., and attended schools there. She received her B.A. in education from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, in 1956, and her M. A. in 1958.

Ahmed Essa Lemsalley

18 April 1964

Ahmed Essa Lemsalley, age 41, a native of Tarut Island, came to work for Aramco in April, 1940, and the following year became operator at the Dhahran stabilizer.

DeMont Stevens

21 March 1964

DeMont Stevens, Aramco retiree who left Saudi Arabia last September, died in Florida on March 21.

Stanley A. O'Hara

10 March 1964

Former Aramco employee Stanley A. O'Hara died of a heart attack on March 10 in Westchester, 111.