Eleanor W. Chandler

29 July 1967

Eleanor W. Chandler, wife of L.E. Chandler, general auditor, Dhahran, died of a heart attack on July 29 in Columbia, Mo.

George Harrell Temple

6 May 1967

Dr. George Harrell Temple, 46, supervisor, Clinical Medicine in the Ras Tanura Health Center, died suddenly May 6 while on repatriation leave in the United States.

Stirling B. Lentz

27 April 1967

Stirling B. Lentz, 56, of Abqaiq died Thursday, April 27, in the Dhahran Health Center after a brief illness.

Robert A. Stupay

18 April 1967

Robert A. Stupay, Tapline Company Representative, Pipe Line Area, died in an automobile accident on Tuesday, April 18.

Nabila Yousef

4 March 1967

Nabila Yousef, wife of Fathi Yousef, died at the Dhahran Health Center on March 4.

G. A. Williamson

25 February 1967

G. A. Williamson, Ras Tanura harbor pilot, died on Feb. 25 and interment services were held in Philadelphia, Pa.

Margaret Fitzgerald

15 February 1967

Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald, mother of Mrs. E. C. Singelyn, died in California on Feb. 15.

Shirley Pearsall

4 February 1967

Shirley Pearsall, wife of A. E Pearsall, foreman of Exploration Services, died Saturday, February 4, at the Dhahran Health Center.

Patricia Ann Reed

3 February 1967

Patricia Ann Reed, Flexowriter, Computer Center, Geophysical Services International, Dhahran, died Friday, Feb. 3.

Marguerite Cole

27 January 1967

Marguerite Cole, wife of S. A. Cole, Aramco annuitant, died in an auto accident in California on Jan. 27.

Clive John Van Dyne

29 December 1966

Memorial services were held Jan. 2 for Clive John Van Dyne, foreman garages, Northern Area Producing, Transportation Section, who died December 29.

Eleanor M. Yocum

24 December 1966

Mrs. Eleanor M. Yocum, wife of B. T. Yocum of Dhahran, died Dec. 24 in Costa Mesa, Calif.