Peter F. Rizzo

8 July 1961

Peter F. Rizzo, former Aramco employee who left Saudi Arabia in March, 1961, died July 8 in New York.

Ninette Seidl

5 July 1961

Ninette Seidl, wife of Frank A. Seidl of Dhahran, died after a long illness July 5 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Joseph F. Lawrence

22 May 1961

Joseph F. Lawrence who left Saudi Arabia Feb. 1, 1961, on long vacation, died May 22 at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y.

P. P. Fernandes

8 April 1961

Four present or former Aramco employees, three of them with families, and five personal servants employed by Aramco families were known to have been aboard the passenger ship Dara which caught fire in a raging storm off the Trucial Coast early Saturday morning, April 8.

E. Harold Norris

5 March 1961

E. Harold Norris, Auxiliary Services, Dhahran, who was born in Wellston, Okla., died in Dhahran Health Center Sunday, March 5, at 3:35 a.m.

William Lund

1 January 1923 - 11 January 1961

William Lund, formerly of Ras Tanura who retired from Aramco Jan. 31, 1960 to live in Portugal, died at Cascais Jan. 11, apparently from a coronary occlusion.

Merle R. Frye

14 November 1960

Oberhausen, Germany - Merle R. Frye, formerly of Abqaiq, died here Nov. 14, 1960.

Rosemary Mulvaney

9 October 1960

Rosemary Mulvaney, eleven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Mulvaney, died Sunday, Oct. 9, at the Dhahran Health Center, following a brief illness.

Henry Clyde (Heinie) Snyder

4 June 1960

Henry Clyde (Heinie) Snyder died of a cerebral hemorrhage June 4 in Franklin, Pa.

Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr.

2 May 1960

Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr., died in Ras Tanura, Monday, May 2, while attending a District Management Luncheon given in his honor, where he was to be presented a service award for 40 years employment with Aramco and Texaco, Inc.

Carlita Plumb

28 April 1960

Miss Carlita Plumb, whose retirement from Aramco was effective April 1, died in Los Angeles, Calif., at 6 p.m. April 28.

Wilfred M. Jones

23 March 1960

Mrs. Wilfred M. Jones, for whom funeral services were held last Saturday in Dhahran, had been a resident of Dhahran since June, 1949.