Dhahran Hawks Cross the Causeway for Baseball Tourney

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The Dhahran Youth Baseball Association’s 10U tournament team, the Saudi Arabia Hawks, crossed the causeway on Nov. 14 to play two games against their counterparts in Bahrain.

Christopher Gantela – Ph.D. in Geophysics at 78

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UH’s Oldest Graduate – College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’s Gantela This semester, NSM had a distinction of having the University of Houston’s oldest graduate. 

Should You Renew Your U.S. Passport Now?

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Dear American Citizen Community, As a reminder, Visa Pages Inserts will no longer be available after December 31 – please plan accordingly if you would like to have more visa pages inserted into your current passport.

Happy Wanderer Sought

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Many a baby boomer in the U.S. learned the English lyrics to "The Happy Wanderer" during their grade school/scouting years.

Musical Instrument Museum

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Sharon Eboch wrote she visited the Musical Instrument Museum in northern Phoenix, Arizona and recommends it to Aramco ExPats visiting the Phoenix area.

Arabia: Land of Mystery

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Legends abound regarding the history of the Arabian Peninsula, where the earliest confirmed signs of human settlement date back over five thousand years to the epoch when the Egyptians were first establishing their civilization along the banks of the River Nile.

Security Message for U.S. Citizens

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The day of Ashura is a major religious commemoration of the martyrdom at Karbala of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

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You have your Go Bag ready, but what about your home? Do you have enough food and water to last 3 days? Do you have a flashlight and batteries?

Banking Laws Changing for U.S. ExPats

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Frank Reilly from Reilly Financial Services recently shared with Aramco ExPats information regarding important changes taking effect concerning overseas bank accounts maintained by American citizens, including ExPats.

Discovering Islamic Art

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I first became an author in 2000 when my book 'The Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia' was published. I had an opportunity to visit the Aramco schools in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia talking about it with the children, teachers and staff.

Faryal Completed Her Chinese Language Course

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Faryal Haque recently completed Level 3 in her Chinese Language and Culture course from the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi (UoK).

Ameen-Khatam-e-Quran of Baby Zoya Imran

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Baby Zoya Imran is the elder daughter of Imran Ahmed Khan Ghouri and Erum Imran and granddaughter of Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan.

I’ve Been Riding on the Railroad

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A recent round-trip train ride between Seattle, Washington and Chico, California brought to mind some memorable past train rides in Russia while impressing me with how much Amtrak has upgraded and enhanced train travel in the U.S. in recent years.

Dr. Kiran A. Rehman’s Birthday and BBQ Party

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October 2nd is the birthday of Dr. Kiran Ata ur Rehman, daughter of Eng. Iqbal Ahmed Khan. This year, the day was within a week time of Eid Ul Azha. 

Tragedy in Mecca

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Last Thursday, tragedy struck pilgrims on their way to visit the holy city of Mecca as more than 700 people died in a stampede on a walkway leading to the Jakarta pillars where the symbolic stoning of the devil is carried out by worshipers taking part in the Hajj.

Saving for Retirement: Tax Deductible vs Roth Contributions

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Did you know, regardless of how savvy an investor is when choosing stocks, if they lack the understanding of which type of account is most effective for their personal financial situation, they could end up paying Uncle Sam tens of thousands or more in taxes than necessary over a lifetime.