James B. Webb

20 April 1964

James B. Webb, who departed last October for long vacation and retirement, died on April 20 in California.

Paul Arvin

18 April 1964

Paul Arvin, 34, came to Arabia from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, arriving in August, 1963.

Thomas Lee Allen

18 April 1964

Thomas Lee Allen, 34, joined Aramco in June 1963, to teach social studies at the Dhahran School.

Rashid Ibrahim al-Rashid

18 April 1964

Rashid Ibrahim al-Rashid, 31, was bom in al-Mubarraz, near Hofuf, and received his elementary schooling there.

Judith Kay Rhodes

18 April 1964

Judith Kay Rhodes, 21, was born in New Orleans, La., and attended schools in the United States and Spain.

Shafic Bishara Costandy

18 April 1964

Shafic Bishara Costandy, 41, worked for Aramco as a surveyor in Dhahran District Engineering from 1949 to 1953.

Ruth Collins Young

18 April 1964

Ruth Collins Young, 35, was the wife of William George Young, Jr., supervisor of Construction and Oil Accounting in Abqaiq.

Air Crash Obituaries (Part - 1)

18 April 1964

A Middle East Airlines Caravelle en route from Beirut to Dhahran crashed into the Gulf about 15 miles south of Dhahran International Airport shortly after midnight Friday during a severe sand and windstorm.

All-Out Air Disaster Search Operations Completed

18 April 1964

Aramco's initial shock at having lost 22 of its employees and dependents in the air crash of April 18th is passing.

Frank Joseph Zukoski

18 April 1964

Dr. Frank Joseph Zukoski, 48, was a native of Scranton, Pa. He had been medical director for Tapline since 1951.

Ahmed Omar Jinawy

18 April 1964

Ahmed Omar Jinawy, 37, came to Aramco from Mecca in April, 1948, and was first employed as a mechanic in Maintenance and Shops in Dhahran.

Ralph Henry Devenney

18 April 1964

Ralph Henry Devenney, 47, first came to Saudi Arabia in June, 1947.