Abaqiq and Dhahran school each have three new teachers; Najmah has one.

This Week the Children Went Back to School - 1968
Dhahran students line up behind the names of their teachers, some intently, some not so intently, some with distraction, as teachers stand behind, awaiting the bell.

From the Sept. 4, 1968 edition of the Sun and Flare.

School bells rang Saturday morning in Aramco’s three communities. Students fell in line and marched into classrooms, which soon filled with the mingled murmur of teachers aligning the trimester's courses and squirming students who listen or who invent various ways of not listening with style.

Abqaiq and Dhahran schools each have three new teachers and Najmah has one. In Abqaiq, each classroom — including the library -- now has its own exhibit, and the once familiar shuffling of students going down the hall is much abated.

Otherwise, it was the oft-repeated ritual — the first day of school — the first herald of fall.

This Week the Children Went Back to School - 1968


— The Arabian Sun: September 04, 2023