Schloss Krumbach International School

A young school, in a historical setting. A small school, growing fast.

We are SKIS, an eclectic community of world citizens. We all speak at least two languages and value our diversity.

Schloss Krumbach International School is a co-educational boarding school (Grades 7-12), located in a beautiful 13th century castle. An Austrian Hogwarts, or so they say.

Schloss Krumbach International School
Schloss Krumbach International School


At Schloss Krumbach International School, we provide young people with the freedom to develop as unique individuals, while instilling a sense of social and political responsibility.

Discover yourself by working together!

To educate, develop, and inspire our students to reach their full potential and contribute to the creation of a better and more peaceful world by providing a first-class education in a multicultural environment.


Schloss Krumbach International School provides a holistic education in a place where all students feel confident and cared for. Having received a first-class education in an open-minded international and multicultural environment, our students become thoughtful, active, and caring members of local, national, and global communities.

Austria’s Only School with All of The Following Accolades:

  • IB World School offering IB Diploma Programme
  • Austria's only Cambridge Assessment International Education School offering Advanced Level (A- Level Diploma)
  • Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award center
  • Member of the CIS (Council of International Schools)

Educational Programmes at SKIS:

Schloss Krumbach International School offers a holistic education, intended to educate the “whole person”. We offer all students a broad, balanced range of academic subjects supported by a strong personal and social education program, counseling services, and a learning support team. Academic rigor is promoted throughout the school and the school’s future external examination results and university placement will demonstrate our commitment to providing a successful, progressive learning environment.

Middle School

Grades 7-9

Student age: 12-15

An innovative bilingual curriculum. A balanced combination of Austrian and international educational systems. Development of excellent command of the school's two languages of instruction – English and German.

Schloss Krumbach International School

Pre-IB Diploma Programme

Grade 10

Student age: 15-16

A one-year comprehensive foundation course to enhance students' knowledge across multidisciplinary dimensions and facilitate their transition into the International Baccalaureate IB DP Programme or Cambridge A-Level Diploma programmes. The Pre-Diploma course is fully English taught, yet there is still emphasis on mastering the German language skills.

During Grade 10, our Pre-Diploma Grade, the learning process is organized in a way that allows Grade 10 students to improve their language skills, accustom to the new studying environment, try and evaluate different subjects, and gain a final understanding of what they are going to take for the Diploma programme. SKIS Career Counseling Team helps students explore the potential college venues to facilitate their choice of the Diploma subjects.

As Austria’s only international school accredited to teach within the framework of both IB DP and Cambridge A-Level Diploma programmes, we pride ourselves with providing academic excellence of truly one of a kind.

Schloss Krumbach International School

IB Diploma Programme

Cambridge International Advanced ( AS & A Levels)

Grades 11-12

Student age: 16-19

IB Diploma Programme (IB DP), an internationally recognized pre-university course in the form of a two-year degree program, provides students with key skills and knowledge in diverse subjects and enables them to enter top universities worldwide

Cambridge International Advanced ( AS & A Levels) Cambridge International A Level is a two-year course, and Cambridge International AS Level is one year.

Success in Cambridge qualifications gives students admission to the world’s best universities – in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and beyond.

IB DP Results - Class 2023

Boarding Facilities

Schloss Krumbach International School is a boarding school, a home away from home, and we take residential comfort and safety of our students with utmost care and attention to detail.

The school building is a castle situated on a hilltop between two forest reserves overlooking the village of Krumbach, which is about a one-hour drive from Vienna. Our dormitories are a love from the first sight. Students live in light spacious rooms of 22-40 m2 that have been converted from a luxury hotel. Girls and boys occupy separate residential blocks.

Join our Head of Boarding, Dragana Djujic Cirkovic, as she explains all the nuances of residential and boarding life at SKIS.

Eating healthy is living healthy. At SKIS, we have created an extraordinarily well-balanced and effective approach to ensuring a healthy nutrition and cultivating eating habits amongst our students. Meals are provided at the school’s dining hall on a full board basis.

Learn more with our incredible chef and a head of the kitchen team, Manijeh Shukury.

Safety & Health

Schloss Krumbach International School is a safe space.

Security systems and guards on campus ensure that our students live in a safe environment. There are also teachers and staff at the school to make sure the children are properly supervised at all times, both in and out of class. There are doctors available in the village of Krumbach.

The school facilities include spacious classrooms, a library, student lounges, a sports field, a computer lab, a chapel, a concert hall with a grand piano, castle towers, an art room, a music facility, and much more. Krumbach castle’s unique infrastructure allows our students to not only focus on their studies, but also immerse themselves in the fantastic atmosphere of the Krumbach area and deepen their understanding of rural Austrian culture.

Supervised Homework

We believe in high-quality individualized education and a student-oriented approach, both in class and beyond. Learn more about SKIS unique supervised homework system with Cian Walshe, Head of Languages Department & English Language Teacher.

Schloss Krumbach International School

Sports & Outdoor Activities

At SKIS, we strive to create a balance between intellectual activity and physical development, providing a range of sports clubs, outdoor venues and a participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Programme.

Join Filip Damjanovic, PE teacher, as he walks you through our sports and recreation policies at SKIS.

Schloss Krumbach International School

Arts and Creativity

Schloss Krumbach International School provides more than education in the main subjects. Outside of school hours, students can pursue their interests in clubs that give them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and engage in real practice.

SKIS takes the creative development of its students with utmost responsibility and allocates extracurricular time and staff efforts to encourage their self-expression and critical thinking. Nurturing the creative side of students is just as important as providing them with academic qualifications and physical activity.

Schloss Krumbach International School
Schloss Krumbach International School
Schloss Krumbach International School

Student Leadership System

Daily life in the Schloss Krumbach International School is shaped by rules and practices that are developed in a democratic process which incorporates mutual respect and willingness to take on responsibilities for the benefit of the community. A wide range of elected offices, as well as student and staff committees, comprise the school’s student government. By taking part in the school’s Student Government, our students meet challenging opportunities that allow them to hone collaborative skills, communication, motivational, and decision-making skills that make for a good leader.

Career Orientation and University Counseling

At Schloss Krumbach International School, we believe a child’s school years should be a time when they identify passions that can lead to a future profession. The school’s teachers and staff are there to help students find their professional calling. After graduating from Schloss Krumbach, students may apply to universities around the world. The school has a team of guidance counselors to help students navigate the university application process.

SKIS at Glance:

  • Premium education: offering IB world & A-Levels programmes, access to the most advanced studying equipment and innovative learning techniques
  • Internationally renowned teachers with 30+ years of experience, PhD degrees and passion for pedagogics
  • A truly unique setting: Austria’s one and only one castle-based school surrounded by forests and mountains, only 90 km away from Vienna
  • A carefully designed bilingual system: studying in English and German throughout Grades 7-10 + additional language in Grades 10-12 (taught in English)
  • Superb accommodation: study and reside in a magnificent campus-castle
  • Healthy lifestyle: a 6-meals-a-day menu, carefully crafted in accordance with best nutritionist science practices and lots of sports
  • Personalized family-alike atmosphere: small studying groups with no more than 16 students per each
  • Student-focused approach: academic support center, career orientation and university counseling
  • An enriching boarding experience: culture trips around Europe and a wide range of extracurricular activities
  • Lifelong learning habits: supervised homework time with professional teachers + mother tongue support
  • Soft skills acquisition: a unique student leadership system and participation in global major forums
  • A safe ecosystem: 24/7 security on campus, digital detox, COVID-19 extensive precautions
  • Lifelong learning habits: supervised homework time with professional teachers + mother tongue support
  • Soft skills acquisition: a unique student leadership system and participation in global major forums
  • A safe ecosystem: 24/7 security on campus, digital detox, COVID-19 extensive precautions

Hop on an incredible academic, social, and creative journey at our castle!

Applicants may apply to Schloss Krumbach International School throughout the year, though the ideal time to begin the admissions process is at the beginning of the academic year. For our school, it is very important to make sure that not only do students meet the expectations of our highly demanding academic program, but also that the program is the right fit for each individual student. The school year in Austria starts at the end of August, but applicants may apply at any time.

To learn more about the admissions process:

More information on our annual fees:


Schloss Krumbach International School

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Personal Assistant to the Head of School
+43 699 140 22 700

Mag. Tamara Gurevich
Head of International Development
+43 660 695 90 95

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