Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization was established in April 2013 in a small house in Korangi No. 1-1/2 under the supervision of Col (R) Javed Majid, assisted by Qari Saifullah. There are various works/scheme which are being undertaken by the organization since its establishment. The welfare works executed/planned during 2017 are enumerated below along with the detail of expenditures, which has been shared by members of the Healthy Society also.

Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Located at the end of Narrow Street in Korangi Area
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Some of the students
  1. Teaching of Quran (Nazra) with Urdu Meaning - Exp. For 2017
    The children are learning Quran in two shifts. Qari Saifullah and a lady teacher are performing the duties. There are about 100 students. A third teacher is teaching the Quranic Arabic to elder students.
    The aim is to teach Nazra and to make Quran understandable at childhood level - Rs. 36,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Quran Classes for Girls and Boys
  1. Stitching School
    Girls stitching school was established in May 2013, thirteen machines are in use, 40 to 45 students are present at a time. In 3 to 4 months a batch is trained for simple stitching by 2x teachers. The aim was to teach stitching to girls of the area at very low rates (Rs. 100 per month) so that they may be able to provide financial support to their homes. Annual income of the school is around Rs. 33,600. A subsidy of Rs. 74,400 annually is needed to keep the school in functional state. - Rs. 74,400
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Stitching Classes for Girls
  1. Welfare Schemes During 2017
    • Distribution of sets of books to poor students of class 1 - 10 - Rs. 36,000
    • Distribution of copies/journals to poor students of govt schools who get the books free from the govt. - Rs. 15,000
    • Monthly Ration Scheme:
      1. Total Annual Payment in shape of Ration - Rs. 360,000
      2. Eid Special Package in shape of Cash - Rs. 24,000
  2. Eid Dresses:
    Number of dresses stitched by stitching school teachers and students. The cloth was purchased in bulk from whole-sale market.
    • 114 dresses for girls - Rs. 60,000
    • 80 dresses for boys (Shalwar Qameez) - Rs. 50,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Eid Clothes for Boys and Girls
  1. Financial Support to Marriages
    Three marriages of poor girls have taken place which required financial help. A contribution to that effect was made - Rs. 105,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Shops at Door Step and Thailas Financed by Micro Financing
  1. Micro Financing
    It has been run successfully for the last four years. 220 persons got Financial Support up till now and are in business independently. 57 persons were benefited this year. More than Rs 800,000 is in circulation, with a monthly recovery of Rs75000 to Rs85000. There is no defaulter since launching of this scheme.
  2. Renovation Work
    Renovation of existing accommodation is carried out, which included Roof Replacement, walls rising, Floor Raising. Electric wiring, fans, lights. Plumbing work, toilets, wash basin fitting, doors, and windows. Iron Grills and addition of one room, Generator, Stabilizer, water motor fitting, Distemper, painting etc Renovation Works Expenditures - Rs 550,000
  3. Coaching Centre
    From November 2017, a Coaching Centre has been established, from KG-I to class 8 th comprising of two sections. There are presently 30 students. This coaching is helpful to weak students. Two teachers have been employed. The fee is kept low to accommodate maximum students.
    1. Initial Expdrs.
      • Expdrs - Rs 12000
      • Income - Rs 5400
      • Net Expenditures up to Dec 2017 - Rs 6600
  4. Computer Institute
    It was established in October 2014 with 10 Computers in a rented accommodation. It has been shifted in November this year to our main accommodation in Korangi. Presently it is under strength, one teacher is managing the classes. A computer institute is being run under Rehmat ul Alameen Organization for last 2.5 years. Presently there are 3 teachers and 10 students. The monthly fees has been kept as Rs. 400. Though the institute is financially not very successful, however it has been run for the welfare of poor people with the help of a philanthropist with annual expenditures of Rs. 153,000.
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2016
Computer School with classes for Boys and Girls
  1. Total Annual Expenditure for 2017 - Rs. 693,000
  2. Medical Support - Rs. 25000
    • Financial assistance is provided to closely associate persons requiring medical support etc.
    • Patients for eye surgery are sent to Lions International Eye Hospital for free Cataract Operation.
    • Cases of complicated nature are referred to known specialist for free consultation and treatment on concessional rates.
  3. Cooking Classes
    Cooking Classes have been started on weekly basis from 17 December 2017 on every Sunday. A course of 12 weeks have been planned for making 12 simple dishes. Initial expenditures of Rs 10,000 have been made for utensils, gas burner and grocery etc. A batch of 10 students and one teacher are on the job.
    • Initial Expdrs. (Utensils, food stuff, etc.) - Rs10800
    • Pay of Teacher. (@ Rs200 per week) - Rs 400
    • Income as Fee Students. (@ Rs200 per week) - Rs 400
    • Net Expdrs - Rs 10800
  4. Children Library (PLANNING)
    A library has been planned for school children. Storey Books, Historical Books, and Books on Religion mostly in Urdu of children level shall be kept. The collection of books from donors and from market is in process.
  5. Future Plan
    A Children library shall be established soon. Story books of various types mostly in Urdu will be collected/ purchased for free issue. A lady teacher will be nominated as librarian.
  6. Financial State
    • Total Expenditures in 2017 - Rs 1,913,400
    • Donations/Support Received in 2017 - Rs 1,174,800
    • Short Fall - Rs 788,600

Support from Various Persons (Including Healthy Society)

A number of persons have contributed in Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization in different schemes which have made the welfare work a success. Mr. Agha Asadullah of Healthy Society was instrumental in organizing the donations, and has an all-out support on behalf of the Healthy Society. Some of the donors are:

  • Mr. Javed Iqbal
  • Mr. Agha Asad
  • Maj. (R) Zahid Maqsood
  • Mr. Qaiser Jamal
  • Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed
  • Mr. Shaaf Mahboob
  • Mr. Naseer Ahmed
  • Mr. Irfan Wahab
  • Mr. Shahid Majid
  • Mrs. Shahida Javed
  • Dr. Shakeel Ahmed (U.K.)
  1. Advisory Committee
    On 8 May 2016, a meeting was held at DHA Sunset Club, in which members of Healthy Society were present who formed the advisory committee under the chairmanship of Col. (R) Javed Majid to support the Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization in the shape of material, donation, future planning, launching of additional welfare schemes, monitoring the on-going schemes etc. Members of advisory committee are:
  • Mr. Agha Asadullah ( 0300 8269671 )
  • Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed ( 0321 9253274 )
  • Maj. M. Zahid Maqsood ( 0321 8233515 )
  • Mr. Owais Shuja ( - )
  • Mr. Shafqat Dogar ( 0321 2451559 )
  • Mr. M. Ashraf ( 0300 9276448 )
  • Mr. Shakeel Hashmi ( 0333 3446327 )
  • Mr. Javed Iqbal ( - )


The welfare of a society has unlimited dimensions and scopes with unending expenditures. With the formation of RAWO with meagre resources some positive results have been achieved. The scope and extent can be enhanced with the increase in resources. However with collective efforts in organized manner and with God blessings,the welfare work can be enhanced to new heights.

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