Aramco's U-1 rig team hits the mark on two new records in the Berri Field.

New Drilling Records Set - 1973
The Aramco U-1 rig team poses after achieving a record for a vertical water-injection well on Abu Ali Island.

Aramco U-1 rig team, some of whose members are pictured above, and Loffland ST-1 rig team, share honors for setting two new drilling records in the Berri field last month. On Nov. 1, the Loffland Rig ST-1 completed Berri Well 61 at 8,779 feet in 21.9 days, a record performance for a directionally drilled offshore well.

Less than two weeks later, Aramco U-1 rig, operating on Abu Ali Island, drilled and completed Berri Well 215, a vertical water-injection well at a total of 8,900 feet in just 19.9 operating days, achieving a record not only for this particular type of well, but an all-time, all-types record for the Berri Field.

— The Arabian Sun: December 05, 2022