Inspection Department Technical Exchange Meeting and Exhibition

This article is inspired by a quote from Brian Tracy, "The greatest joys of life are happy memories. Your job is to create as many of them as possible.”

Based on an announcement by the Dhahran Inspection Department to submit abstracts for the “Inspection Department Technical Exchange Meeting and Exhibition 2005.” I, Mohammed Ifteqaruddin (Badge # 140948), of the Ras Tanura Refinery Maintenance Department, Machine Shop Unit, Relief Valve Segment prepared and submitted a draft. As this was open for all employees companywide and selection was based on tough parameters, I was eagerly waiting for a positive response to make a mark.

My dream came true and I was selected to submit my presentation. I was delighted, as were my colleagues and family.

Inspection Department Technical Exchange Meeting and Exhibition

I directed all of my focus on preparing an outstanding presentation. I wanted to share my expertise with the audience which was comprised of Engineers, Consultants, Contractors representatives, Operations Engineers, Inspectors, Technicians, Maintenance Engineers, and representatives from Houston.

In December 2005, on the day of the Technical Exchange Meeting, I was very nervous and under pressure to face the knowledgeable crowd. To my surprise, my presentation was well-received. There was a lot of appreciation for the content. During the Question-and-Answer session, upon receiving satisfactory replies, the jam-packed auditorium was filled with thundering applause.

The presentation was about the device “Safety Relief Valve Maintenance, Inspection and Testing.” Their function is to protect pressure-sensitive equipment, personnel and the environment from overpressure conditions.

Inspection Department Technical Exchange Meeting and Exhibition

Based on the feedback, that evening a dinner meeting was arranged at the Le-Meriden Hotel, Al-Khobar by the Inspection Department as a token of appreciation and I was awarded a memento by the Manager, Talal A Mulla, in the presence of Superintendent Ghadyer A Shammari – Inspection Division and the Supervisor of Inspection Unit F.S. Al- Blaies.