2023 KSA Reunion Represented by Mehtab Saeed Khan
In Shaybah with Azhar Khan (my son and wife Afsar Jahan).

The 2023 KSA Expatriates Reunion was held in Dhahran from March 01 through 14, 2023. Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) was represented by Mr. Mehtab Saeed Khan, Badge Number 73076. He has written a short report about his participation in the reunion activities in KSA Dhahran.

Mehtab Saeed Khan and his son along with his son's family were graced with the opportunity to participate in the overwhelming reunion event in Dhahra0, Saudi Arabia. He and his son’s family were greeted by the welcoming Saudi Aramco Team at the Double Tree Hotel in Dhahran for the initial registration process. Everyone attending received identification badges that they proudly displayed, along with welcoming gifts.

Upon their arrival and completion of the registration process, they were offered a selection of various itineraries to suit their schedules. Transportation was readily available for all guests. Dedicated buses which, by the way, have been luxuriously upgraded, were running round the clock and not to highlight but Aramco airplanes were also on standby!

Their 14-Day event included informative seminars, visits to historic sites, trips to the zoo, and stopovers in various Saudi Aramco Camps; Abqaiq, Ras Tanura, Yanbu and Shaybah. For many retirees and their families, the trip brought back floods of wonderful memories while in some places they were simply in astonishment. Who would have imagined having homegrown strawberries and grapes in the middle of the desert?

Travelling around the kingdom and meeting old colleagues was truly an entertaining and nostalgic trip. Reliving the wonderful experience of Saudi Aramco was magnificent. On every stop made, there was a delicious spread for all to feast. It encourages all, just as Mehtab Khan’s son Azhar Saeed Khan encouraged him, to start making plans for the next upcoming reunion.

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