Kingdom School

Kingdom School
Kingdom School Library
Photograph by Aramco ExPats

Saturday, June 5, the day began in Riyadh with a visit to the Kingdom School.

The Kingdom School is a modern K-12 school designed as a showcase of educational innovation in both the kingdom and the region.  The chief mission for the school is to attract the best and brightest students.  Innovative planning guides the futuristic institution in its physical environment, teaching methods and academic administration.

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

Faisal Bin Turki
HRH Faisal Bin Turki
Photograph by Aramco ExPats

Next, educators were greeted at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.  They received a talk given by HRH Faisal Bin Turki, who then answered questions, and a presentation given by Dr. Zohair A. Nawab, Senior Advisor of the Saudi Arabian Mining Company.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources was established in 1960 to execute oil, gas and mineral policy and monitor companies working in petroleum and minerals.  The Ministry oversees exploration, development, production, refining, transportation,  and distribution activities of the following companies and establishments:

  • Saudi Arabian Company (Saudi Aramco)
  • Saudi Texaco
  • Aramco Gulf Operation Ltd. (AGOC)
  • Saudi Arabian Mining Company ( Ma'aden )

The Ministry also oversees the following organizations:

  • Saudi Geological Survey
  • General Organization for Petroleum and Minerals

Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Science

Prince Sultan City
Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Science
Therapy Street
Photograph by Aramco ExPats

No visit to Riyadh would be complete without a visit to Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Science. Educators toured the City and also enjoyed lunch in their cafeteria.

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz has established a foundation in support of the sick, the elderly, the handicap and children in need of special care during childhood. In order to provide this support, The Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City was established by Royal Decree on September 15, 1996. The focus of the City is to provide healthcare and rehabilitative service "at the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship".

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City is one of the world's largest medical rehabilitation facilities. The slogan for the City is, "small steps, great expectations," and its mission statement is, "helping people to help themselves."  It encompasses:

  • both in-patient and outpatient facilities
  • an extensive range of rehabilitation programs including services for pediatric, neurological, brain injury and spinal cord injury
  • a child development center which provides an integrated educational and therapeutic program for 150 children who have special educational needs resulting from physical handicaps, developmental disabilities or complex health problems
  • outpatient clinics encompass 13 clinics with 55 examination rooms and eight operating rooms
  • a conference hall, sports hall, staff housing and an administration building, supplement the city's facilities. The foundation runs a number of projects within and outside the Kingdom. They include the Sultan Science and Technology Center opening soon in Al-Khobar; an innovative project that will provide opportunities for youth to learn about science and technology.

The humanitarian city has also combined medicine, science and technology to form Medunet, Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Medical and Educational Telecommunications Program. The program utilizes the latest state of the art telecommunications facilities to provide access to medical research resources in cooperation with major universities and research centers around the world.

In addition, the Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Continuing Education Program at the Gulf University in Bahrain and the Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Arab and Islamic Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley were established to provide education and further understanding of the Arab and Islamic culture.

All of these aspirations are made possible by the generous support and continued direction of Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Al- Saud.

Diplomatic Quarter

Following lunch, delegates visited the Diplomatic Quarter and Al-Manahel Club.

The Diplomatic Quarter lies five miles from Riyadh on high ground overlooking the Wadi Hanifa and a vast expanse of desert behind. It is a complex of buildings and facilities, and encompasses the embassies and consulates of many countries.


The women had a very nice tour of the Al-Manahel Club which contains an extended learning center, health club and cafe for women. The learning center teaches interactive computer training, interior design and foreign language training.

The women educators were treated to a tea hosted by some of the gracious royal family members of Saudi Arabia.

Educators returned to the center of town for a wonderful dinner at the top of the Faisaliyah building. Once again, they were delighted to have a stunning view of Riyadh.

Half way through the meal, the editor of Aramco ExPats had to leave this exceptional group of Houston Educators to catch a British Airways flight back to the states for her son, Rusty and his bride, Kara's upcoming wedding in Orlando, Florida.

This has been a wonderful tour and opportunity for all of us.