Reilly Financial Advisors

Reilly Financial Advisors is pleased to announce that Greg Glomski has joined the team as our resident Aramco expert! Greg joins RFA after over a dozen years at Aramco, where he most recently held a position as Personnel Advisor within the Personnel Department. Being an integral part of the Personnel Department allowed Greg to understand the unique challenges that Aramcons face, with special focus on the distinctive financial needs of current, retiring and retired Aramco employees. To us, his myriad of experience compliments the Aramco knowledge that we have obtained over the 36 years of working directly with this special group of individuals. In our opinion, Greg’s knowledge of Aramco and the inner workings of their Personnel department merge with our wealth management expertise to form a perfect union. This new partnership allows us to be our client’s trusted Aramco partner, with vast expertise that can truly help our clients achieve their financial goals. If you would like to learn more about how Reilly Financial Advisors can help you define a successful financial future, or to learn more about Greg and his new role, please contact us at or, or at 619-698-0794.

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