Aramco President T. C. Barger welcomes 10 politicians from the United Kingdom.

British Parliamentarians Enjoy Aramco Hospitality - 1967

From the April 12, 1967 edition of Sun and Flare.

Ten members of the British House of Commons were in Saudi Arabia from March 29 through April 5 as guests of the Ministry of Information, and spent the last day of their week-long stay visiting some of Aramco’s operations and the men who run them.

The British visitors began their Wednesday tour of Dhahran’s Oil Exhibit Centre. There they met President T. C. Barger, Harry McDonald, general manager, Government Relations Organization, and Public Relations Manager J. V. Knight, and learned with the aid of exhibit displays about the company’s oil operation and its interest in the local community.

Group members then moved on to Ras Tanura, where they toured the refinery and where guests at a luncheon hosted by Ras Tanura Acting District Manager R. W. Ryrholm.

The group stopped first in Jiddah, where they talked with Government officials and saw much of the city’s industrial development.

Then they flew to Riyadh, where they had an opportunity to meet and talk to most of the Saudi Arabia Government ministers.

British Parliamentarians Enjoy Aramco Hospitality - 1967


— The Arabian Sun: April 12, 2023