As an alternative to foreign language courses, six students decided to tackle digitizing the school's yearbook.

Abqaiq School Students put Their Yearbook on CD ROM - 1996

From the Feb. 7, 1996 edition of The Arabian Sun.

The entire 1995 Abqaiq School Yearbook will now fit in the palm of your hand. This one-of-a-kind feat is possible thanks to the ability of six students under the tutelage of Terry Cornelius, the school's computer teacher, and Bruce Drake, independent study director.

They went from designing and producing a multimedia yearbook to producing a compact disc that runs on an Apple Macintosh computer.

Drake assisted in supervising the project, and Richard Kenyon provided guidance.

Recalling how it all came about, Cornelius told how the students, then in seventh and eighth grade, decided to seek an alternative to foreign language courses.

The school, always ready to explore new ground, formed an independent study class. Sarah Cornelius, Calvin Hardy, Matt Horn, Hamideh Hassouneh, Tan Salt, and Abdul Rahman Beiruti tuned into the spirit of adventure.

The final result of their effort, which took about 16 weeks to accomplish, was the CD. It contains not only information from the yearbook, but each student in the school had a chance to give a voice-over self-introduction and talk about his or her favorite things.

"Not only did they enjoy making the disc, they enjoy watching it," says Cornelius. "There is an incentive in a student getting his work published."

The 1996 Yearbook will run on either a PC or a Mac.

Abqaiq School Students put Their Yearbook on CD ROM - 1996


— The Arabian Sun: February 07, 2023