A Happy Holiday Memory
Central figure of a community housing display on 7th Street Circle North, Dhahran, is a house-high snow man atop an icy hill surrounded by gleeful children busy with winter sports. The Arabian Sun & Flare, December 24, 1958.

I came to Dhahran on February 13, 1949. I was eleven.

Each Christmas in the Field at Dhahran was memorable because the Company did so much for us. They strung a cable and mounted a star at the softball field. At the evening celebrations, the Nativity featured real animals - camels, donkeys and sheep - the star shown brightly above. Young Aramcons dressed like the Maji. Bleachers were set up for overflow crowds. Mariam Biggins had assembled a huge choir and they sang yule tide tunes of Christmas.

The Company sent buyers into Europe and the States; they brought back all manner of gifts. They were assembled for purchase in the largest room of the new Dining Hall on Kings’ Road.

Returning students from ACS Beirut, Rome and Switzerland joined the vacation time of being ‘home’ in Dhahran. Ras Tanura and Abqaiq had similar festivities. The first three children to live in Dhahran were there too, Pinkie Alexander, Steve Furman, and Patty Dale.

Aramco changed our lives for the better.

Happy Holidays,

Rolf Christophersen
DH, 1949-1958