2005 Central Texas Aramco Holiday Party - Part 1

Contributed by Ray Stevens, Julie Doody on 18 December 2005

Under: Reunions and Socials
Sheila Stevens Judy and Bill Walker Tray and Lynn Renaud Ray and Sheila Stevens Schuyler and Phyllis Stuckey Jack and Ellen Meyer Ann Barr and Sheila Stevens Lucy Templer, Bill & Judy Walker Alan and Maria Keese Alan Keese and Chang Lucy Templer and Vicki Jessich Lynda Walters, Lynn and Julie Doody Gen and Sheila Marge Johansson and Richard Barr Lucy Templer and Bonnie App Gen, Sheila, Becky and Julie Barb and Hutch Hutchison Ray Stevens and Pam Bergman Brian, Kim Dave and Ray Sheila Stevens and Lynn Renaud Sheila Stevens, Judy and Wiley McMinn The Group
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