Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr.

Deceased: 2 May 1960

Under: Obituary

Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr., died in Ras Tanura, Monday, May 2, while attending a District Management Luncheon given in his honor, where he was to be presented a service award for 40 years employment with Aramco and Texaco, Inc.

Surviving Mr. Von Bieberstein are his widow, Frances Marcile, and a son George F. Von Bieberstein, Jr. Memorial services will be held in Ras Tanura at the Ras Tanura Senior Staff Theater, Friday at 2 p.m. Interment in the States will follow.

Mr. Von Bieberstein had an unusual oil industry background. He, with his father and his son had a total of 85-1/2 years of service to date. His father, before retirement, served 35-1/2 years with the Texas Company and his son G. F. Von Bieberstein, Jr., of Ras Tanura, celebrated his 10th anniversary with Aramco recently.

Von Bieberstein, a native Texan, was bom in Port Arthur, where he completed school and attended business college.His first assignment when he joined The Texas Company in April, 1920, was machinist-apprentice for a three-year period. For one year he worked as lube oil treater in the Port Arthur Refinery then transferred to The Texas Company's West Tulsa, Okla., Refinery. Then he worked as a still man until he was sent "on loan" to Aramco 15 years ago in June, 1945.

He came to Aramco as Foreman for Crude Stills and Refinery. He held this position until August, 1958, when he was assigned to District Administration as Night Foreman.

Mrs. Von Bieberstein may be reached at 2414 S. Toledo, Tulsa, Okla. [Photograph]

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