Juliette Bartlett

Deceased: 25 August 2023

Under: Obituary

For our irreplaceable Mum,

A lovely, vibrant, incredibly brave woman, Juliette was willing to leave New York, where she worked, to travel to Saudi Arabia, with William R. Bartlett (our father). Mum always loved travel and thought the experience was everything she dreamed of – to explore other countries and cultures – and always to learn. She was truly passionate about books, a love she shared with all of us. In Arabia, she learned to sew all of our clothes, and we ordered dresses from Sears Roebuck’s catalogue.

She is survived by her sisters, Blanquita and Juanita, and her daughters, Karen, Jennifer and Liza.

We have received condolences from all over the world, cousins, nieces and nephews. Such love for a remarkable woman.

~Liza (Bartlett) Reavis

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