Aramcons are notorious for their distinctive sense of humor. We all have stories to tell that would well illustrate the phenomenon. Occasionally such tales make it into the pages of this newsletter. Today is one of those days. For the uninitiated out there, “BHOG” stands for “Bahrain Hilton Outing Group.” "What’s that?" you continue to wonder. Why, it’s a name concocted by the fertile minds of a bunch of expats from long ago after they first arrived in the Kingdom. They made a memorable trip together to Bahrain, where they stayed at the Hilton. Ever since, that experience has been a bond that has helped keep them together in spirit if not in body, however far apart geographically they may have been scattered. So much so, in fact, for some time they have been staging mini-reunions every two years at different locations in the U.S., most recently in June at the Hilton Garden Inn in Wichita, Kansas. (Where else but a Hilton property? Certainly not at a Marriott or Hyatt or Holiday Inn!) They’re already planning their next reunion in 2017 at—we are willing to wager—a Hilton property somewhere in the Denver area. Pictured below are attendees of this year’s reunion in Kansas.

Bahrain Hilton Outing GroupSeated: Debbie Kidd, Kay Taylor, Jim Anthony, Karen Eaton-Hinz
Standing: Bob Bewley, Janet Anthony, Sheila Stevens, Byron Taylor, Tom Doody, Julie Doody, Dave Hinz