Agreements provide unique access to top technology.

Unprecedented Licensing Agreements with Leading Technology Providers
At the signing ceremony, front row, from left: CEO of Honeywell UOP Brayan Glover, Aramco vice president and chief engineer Walid Al-Naeem, CEO of Technip Energies Italy Stefano Polimeni, Aramco senior vice president of Engineering Services Khalid Y. Al-Qahtani, Aramco executive vice president of Technical Services Wail Al-Jaafari, Aramco senior vice president of In-Kingdom Liquids to Chemicals Development Faisal Al-Faqeer, president of Shell Catalysts & Technologies Elise Nowee, Aramco senior vice president of Infrastructure and Joint Venture Project Management Motaz Al-Mashouk, Chairman and CEO of Axens Jean Sentenac. Back row, from left: CEO of Lummus Technology Leon de Bruyn, senior vice presdient of Worley Comprimo Frank Scheel, vice president of KBR Matt Jacobs, commercial director of Sulzer GTC Technology Manu Van Leuvenhaege, president of Fluor Production of Fuels Jason Kraynek, CEO of Casale Federici Zardi, executive director of Linde Florian Penner, CEO of Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. Fabrizio Serravalle.

Aramco Technical Services executive vice president Wail A. Al Jaafari presided over a signing ceremony of “General Licensing Agreements” with leading technology licensors, marking a milestone that will reshape the technology procurement landscape within the company.

As Aramco embarks on an ambitious growth plan in its Downstream business involving unparalleled capital programs, the long-term agreements will optimize the potential of tapping into the capabilities of 13 well-known technology providers: Axens, Casale, Chevron Lummus Global, Fluor, Worley, Honeywell UOP, Lummus, KBR, Linde, Saipem, Shell, Sulzer GTC, and Technip.

“As we navigate this new milestone in our relationship, we are not just looking at immediate gains, but for a long-term vision — a vision that will optimize our capital project execution and create a blueprint for efficiency and effectiveness like never before, and will last for years to come.”

Khalid Y. Al Qahtani, Engineering Services senior vice president

This collaboration is expected to spark a new wave of innovation, with each company bringing unique expertise and perspectives. This alliance, unique in its breadth and depth, signifies Aramco’s commitment to revolutionize the Downstream sector with access to the best technological advances the industry has to offer.

Joining Aramco’s executive management team at the signing ceremony were the CEOs and executives of the 13 companies. This unprecedented partnership underscores Aramco’s expansion strategy, and offers a glimpse into the future of collaborative project development.

— The Arabian Sun: October 09, 2023