To all Orlando Hafla 2010 Attendees: First of all let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to the Reunion. You all made it happen, you all contributed to its success. The committee chairs, the committee members were fantastic; you all did such a marvelous job, that I just wasn't needed.

Photo courtesy Eva-Kinga Farnsworth

I did circulate all the time, but there were only a few questions, never a complaint. The marathon performers were Judy and Bill Walker, Sheila Stevens, and Julie Doody--these four angels were ALWAYS at the registration desk. The rest of the members were also around a lot and after the Hospitality suite the Registration area was the hub of the happenings. I can't thank enough for Maggie and Fred Shoemaker for giving up their house, their garage to store zillions of boxes that were full of stuff ordered for the reunion. The countless of hours they dedicated before and during the reunion. Of course I thank them for putting up with me as I've camped in their house before and after the reunion. The list of helpers is endless, I just can't list everyone, but please do know that you all are greatly appreciated. Of course, the Solaris restaurant was the meeting place in the morning hours; you just went from table to table and there was always a smiling face for a friendly chat. Art Clark was everywhere with his camera, he probably has oodles of wonderful pictures, which we'll see in the next issue of the magazine dedicated to OrlandoHafla2010. Aramco Expats also graciously donated to our cause. I thank you all for the outpouring of thank you cards, emails, and flowers -- I'm only glad that I was able to please and plan a nice hafla for all of you. I also thank to all my "mothers" who were looking out for my well-being and send me to nap/rest each afternoon (though I cheated, as I too wanted to see, hear everything, and meet with everybody).

Orlando Hafla 2010
Photo courtesy Eva-Kinga Farnsworth

The hotel staff could not get over our group's constantly smiling faces, hugging, friendliness, and happy faces. They said they have not seen anything like this from any group that stayed in the hotel for a prolonged time. Kudos are in order for the hotel staff; they were outstanding and there was nothing they would not do for us. They were in constant touch with me, planning for the last 14 months, overseeing every venue. They deserve a round of applause. I just want to tell you: the elevators are on a 2-year program to be replaced; those of you who got stuck at least got free drinks on the house. To date, I've not heard any negative comment, but if you have any constructive observation, please share it with me, so we can improve even more our Reunions. Last but not least, ASC was wonderful to work with; I'll not single out anyone, I've worked with lot of them and they all were tremendous help and support to me. We were in constant touch with each other through the 14 months of planning. The generosity of Dhahran is greatly appreciated for giving us the coffee pots, which really bespoke of the hafla theme. Ali Al-Baluchi was instrumental and indispensable in those arrangements. My gratitude to all of them. Thank you again and again. Despite my illness, despite a lot of planning and work, I loved doing the job I was entrusted with and I too had a fantastic time! God bless you all and thank you again for allowing me to plan this reunion. Ma'Salamah in 2012, Eva-Kinga Farnsworth