Dhahran Fables

In the late 1940s and early 1950s Dhahran, Saudi Arabia was a bare bones oil town in the middle of nothing but desert, a very different place then the Dhahran of today. There were no trees or lawns, no radio or television, and few amenities beyond the recreation center. Young teenagers of that era had to be resourceful about finding amusement where they could - at house parties, at the beaches of the Gulf or roaming aimlessly in the desert. This book is filled with stories about these kids and the way their energy and imagination turned what might have been a dreary experience into the best days of their lives Dhahran Fables: Fiesta Room Tales is a compilation of stories written by Steve Furman, Clark Magruder, and Ann Galleazzi Peart. The Tales have been dedicated "to our wives, our sweethearts, our brothers, our children, our grandchildren, our many friends that we knew in Dhahran, and most especially to our parents whose lives made possible this collection of vignettes. The following is a list of contents:

  • Foreward: Plunging into the Past
  • The Day I Met My Dad
  • Coming Into the Country, Two Times
  • Lunch with a Prince
  • The Italian Boat
  • Tribute to Johnny
  • The Washing Machine
  • The Jock Strap
  • The Rat Safari
  • The Caves of Hofuf
  • A Trip to Ras Tanura
  • The Feather
  • The Nativity Donkey
  • The Date
  • If the House Could Talk

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