A letter from the co-hosts:

As co-hosts of the 31st Saudi Aramco Annuitants’ Reunion held last month in Texas, we extend our thanks to the 412 members of our Aramco family who attended the reunion. In particular, we would like to thank the following people who, as members of the Hafla Committee, coordinated various reunion activities: Carol Hudson, Scott Mussett, Jane and Jerry Archer, Tonie and Vijay Maheshwari, Michael and Melanie Jurlando, Hal and Marcia Barham, Jeff Squires, Richard Maastricht and Carolina Diaz. Two other dedicated contributors were consistently hidden behind their cameras. We thank Art Clark and Bert Seal for capturing us in photos enjoying our 'family party' at the Hafla.

When Aramco annuitants gather, the phrase 'Thank you, Mother Aramco!' is frequently heard and as always, we are grateful to the Aramco Services Company and Saudi Aramco for the support and help they provided Austin Hafla 2018. The Gala Banquet, Basil Abul-Hamayel's keynote address, screenings of the movie 'Joud', video explorations of The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, and the assistance of current Aramco employees enriched our time together. The continued support of the Company was instrumental in helping to make this and past reunions successful. We're grateful for the Aramco annuitants' magazine, 'Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah,' as it will refresh memories from this Hafla and let us know of future reunions.

And, last but certainly not least, we thank Vicci Turner and Kara Swayne for their help providing reunion information and updates through the Aramco ExPats website and Highlights & Notices e-newsletter. Aramco ExPats is a vital communication link within our community of Aramco annuitants and keeps us connected to each other and informed of news of the Company that has been so instrumental in our lives.

Finally, we still have not found hosts/co-hosts for the 2020 reunion. If you are interested in hosting/co-hosting the next reunion or if you have any questions about how to organize a reunion, please contact us at austinhafla2018@gmail.com. Recent reunions have been in Texas, California, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida, and we look forward to gathering in a new destination for the 2020 Hafla. Please let us know if you're willing to welcome us to your part of the U.S.

Judy and Bill Walker, Vicki and David Jessich