Square Dancing in Dhahran Cathy and Bill in Dhahran

I am a Canadian, living in Toronto, Canada. I worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 1981-1984.

In 1983, I went on a weekend trip with the Jeddah Square Dance Club, "The Red Sea Squares," to Dhahran to attend a hoedown.

My New Year’s resolution this year was to go through an old box of photos and slides that have been gathering dust in my basement for 25+ years. I came across these slides from that weekend.

One is of the Dhahran square club and the other is of my hosts that weekend. The slide was labeled "My hosts Cathy and Bill" - no last names. I remembered they had lived in the Aramco complex for many years. They were gracious hosts and showed me a great time that weekend so many years ago.

Enjoy some more group photos of Square Dancing in Dhahran in an Aramco ExPats Gallery.

If you have contact information for Cathy and Bill of Dhahran in 1983, pictured above, please contact Jane at janevt@hotmail.com.