Groundbreaking technologies bring emerging creatives one step closer to bring their concepts to market.

Saudi Creatives Unveil Cutting-edge Immersive Tech Prototypes at Ithra
Sultan Bin Masoud discusses his AudioAura application, an immersive audio experiences tied to specific geo locations. He is one of the creatives who have been named a finalist of Ithra’s Creative Solutions Residency Program.

Ithra’s Creative Solutions Residency Program punctuated the completion of its third cohort with the unveiling of five groundbreaking immersive technology prototypes designed by emerging Saudi creatives who now are one step closer to bringing their concepts to market.

Since its launch in 2021, and in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Creative Solutions has ignited the development of the national ecosystem of creatives and innovators who use immersive digital technologies (AR, VR, mixed reality, Haptics, XR) to produce innovative content and experiences that transform how people engage with storytelling.

Creative Solutions takes participants on an intensive eight-month journey that features masterclasses, mentorship, workshops and a week-long bootcamp all designed to hone their creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills.

During 2023, the program received 187 successful submissions and 31 high-quality submissions. Of these, 15 ideas were selected to proceed to the three-month development phase before today’s revealing of the five successful finalists’ prototypes to over 80 international investors and leading companies in the Kingdom’s immersive technologies sector.

The winning prototypes, some of which respond to vital global issues such as environmental protection and historical preservation, showcase the immense potential of Saudi advancement in immersive technologies.

Creative Solutions Finalists

  • Fatimah Aldubaisi, in collaboration with team members Layla Aldubaisi, Zainab Abuabdullah, and Zainab Aljishi, unveiled Revive, a VR experience set in a world where the earth’s ecosystem has collapsed. Revive immerses viewers in a young man’s journey to protect the only plant he has ever seen amid a vicious conflict that threatens not only his life, but humanity’s fate as well.
  • Fatima Alluwaim's Janamia, an immersive animated film, is set in the picturesque al-Hasa oasis, where a seemingly ordinary bougainvillea flower named Janamia embarks on a journey to discover her true worth as she defies nature`s whims and human indifference to find a place where she truly belongs.
  • Surrounded Serenity, created by team leader Malak Quota along with Pixel Hunters, is a VR experience that recognizes that the womb is a space we have all inhabited but of which we have no recollection. It takes the user on a virtual journey which offers calming interactions and a chance at symbolic rebirth.
  • Sultan Bin Masoud's AudioAura is an application with immersive audio experiences tied to specific geo locations, with the goal of entertaining and educating users about Saudi Arabia`s rich cultural heritage and history. AudioAura takes users on a journey to explore various heritage sites and be fully immersed in the recreated soundscape of historical narratives.
  • Arabia Revealed, created by Michael Bou Nacklie, along with team members Hasan Hatrash, Rauf Saadra, is a VR experience designed to clarify misconceptions about Saudi Arabia as seen through the lenses of news outlets and social media influencers who often show a fraction of what the country and its people have to offer. Arabia Revealed transports people to majestic sites nationwide, to help them experience the natural beauty of the country.

“We are not just nurturing innovators, we are trying to identify and promote break-through creatives who will help redefine the immersive tech landscape in Saudia Arabia and beyond.”

Mizna Al-Zamil, head of Creativity and Innovation at Ithra

“And our quest to contribute to Saudi’s creative economy continues,” Al-Zamil added. “We are pleased to announce that recruitment for the next wave of talented Saudi creatives is now underway with a national call out.”

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— The Arabian Sun: February 14, 2024