SAEEA's wing
Sitting: Engr. SW Fakhri, Waseem Siddiqui, Kosar Naqvi, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan, Fazal Ur Rehman Khan
Standing: Muhammad Salim Hamid, Sabir Ali Khan, Mohammad Idrees Siddiqui, Shabbar Abidi, MA Matin, Manazir Hussain, Ata Ur Rehman, Farooq Khan

Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA)’s wing “HALQA-E-SHERO ADAB” celebrated its 2nd program on January 19, 2020 at Karachi, residence of Abdul Razzaq Mansoor. HALQAE SHERO ADAB is a wing of SAEEA, responsible organizing mini literary programs on Urdu poetry and literature etc. Mr. Shabbar Abidi is in charge and responsible for organizing the events. The first program was on December 01, 2018. The huge interval is because of sickness of Shabbar’s wife and other related priorities. The highlights of the function are as follows:

  • A total of 18 persons attended.
  • A very famous personality of Urdu poetry, Mr. Kosar Naqvi was invited to head the event.
  • The program was organized in two portions; first was listening Mr. Kosar Naqvi poems etc. The second half was to give chance to promote guests and new comers.
  • The first half was very well enjoyed by all the attendees. In the second half, almost all the attendees presented poems etc of their own or from the famous writers/poets of Urdu world.
  • The evening was spent in house of Mr. Mansoor who willingly spared the place for get to gather and arranged verities of food for all attendees.
  • One new Member, Mr. Farooq Khan joined SAEEA as a new member after attending the program. Mr. Khan is multi talented person and definitely would be a plus within SAEEA.
  • Mr. Saleemullah Hussain is on a visit to Pakistan from Canada, attended the gathering and enjoyed it.
  • The program lasts from 3:00 pm till 7:30 pm.
  • Kamal A. Farooqui, President, SAEEA, thanked all attendees and request Shabbar to give more strength to the group and arrange the third more attractive program. The program will tentatively be held after the 23rd SAEEA reunion.

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