Reilly Financial Advisors (RFA) is Now Creative Planning International
Big Changes at Reilly Financial Advisors

For RFA founders Frank and Don Reilly, the importance of creating a business that clients felt like they could trust, and where employees genuinely enjoyed working, was paramount. It was this natural match of business practices and culture that led to Creative Planning’s acquisition of Reilly Financial Advisors in January 2022.

Two Paths Become a Partnership

Reilly Financial Advisors (RFA) is Now Creative Planning International


A Dedicated Partner to Aramco Families

Creative Planning International is now dedicated to Aramcons in the same way that the Reilly family was for nearly 50 years. Gabrielle Reilly, a Managing Director at Creative Planning, helps the team to understand the unique lifestyle of Aramco employees, as well as their benefits and the challenges they face, building on the knowledge of her father and grandfather. Like them, she is committed to providing excellent service and is thrilled to extend the breadth of service offerings now available with Creative Planning.

Comprehensive U.S. Expat Wealth Management and Cross-Border Financial Planning

Creative Planning International delivers a team of credentialed, experienced and action-oriented advisors committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals despite the complexity of the cross-border tax and compliance environment faced by Americans abroad. Our professionals include CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, accountants, attorneys and investment managers. We advise hundreds of American and mixed-nationality families in more than 65 countries and have done so for more than a decade.

Our Mission

Creative Planning International provides a wide range of financial planning services to clients outside the United States. Our experienced professionals are well versed in cross-border tax and compliance challenges faced by expatriate clients. We leverage the broad and diverse resources of Creative Planning to deliver relevant solutions related to wealth accumulation, asset retention and asset transfer. To do so, we implement custom solutions specifically designed to help each client achieve his or her personal financial goals while navigating the complexities of cross-border investing. Our clients include both Americans living abroad and non-American citizens.

Our Investment Philosophy

We’ll always search for the best investment options available to meet our clients’ longer-term needs. Our job isn’t to sell investment products but rather to help our clients select the investments with the highest probability of achieving their goals.

Financial Planning

We assemble all the pieces needed to create a customized plan for guiding our clients in making sound financial decisions, fully informed by the complex tax, legal and compliance environment that Americans abroad commonly face.

Strategic Tax Planning and Advice

Our international wealth managers, planners and tax specialists are focused on reducing our clients’ taxes wherever possible. We advise on strategies to eliminate the double taxation that can occur when Americans find themselves taxable in the U.S. and their country of residence. Our international wealth advisors have spent more than a decade researching and writing about critical international tax issues facing Americans living and investing across borders: FATCA, passive foreign investment companies (PFIC) and foreign trust tax rules, Europe’s MIFID II rules, UK offshore reporting fund rules and dozens of other U.S. and foreign jurisdiction rules. This institutional expertise informs all advice and guidance to our clients.

Estate Planning and Expatriation

We help our clients position themselves to minimize U.S. and country-of-residence estate and inheritance taxes by focusing on strategic titling of assets among family members, gifting, leveraging tax-advantaged retirement accounts and other approaches. Our work is informed by our team’s expertise and extensive experience managing the complex interaction between U.S. estate and probate considerations and those of the client’s country of residence. We also work with many clients who take the expatriation path, helping them plan their finances to eliminate or mitigate the expatriation exit tax and limit any long-term negative tax consequences associated with being a former U.S. citizen.

Retirement Planning

We take a comprehensive, financial planning-led approach to our clients’ retirement plans. We employ the expertise of our in-house legal and planning teams to create and maintain retirement plans that will work as hard as possible to support our clients’ lifestyles in retirement. This includes applying our detailed expertise to the taxation of U.S. retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s and IRAs, in the client’s country of residence and reciprocal tax treatment by the U.S. of non-U.S. pension plans. We understand the critical role played by the double tax treaties the U.S. maintains with dozens of countries, U.S. foreign trust rules and the rules applied by other countries with respect to their taxation of foreign pensions.

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