Strathallan School

Strathallan School

With an excellent reputation in academics, sport and the arts, Strathallan is a leading Scottish independent school that provides opportunities for all. It is the first school in Scotland to offer pathways which include full GCSE and A Level offerings alongside full Highers and Advanced Highers programmes.

28 – Countries Represented

24 – Subjects to Choose From

80 – Extra-Curricular Activity Options

What do an Olympic swimmer, an Emmy award-winner and an international rugby union player have in common? They are just three examples of the kind of success stories that emerge from Strathallan School.

Set on 153 idyllic acres – including world-class facilities, a nine-hole golf course, a canoeing and angling pond, and more – the school is home to many avenues for leadership, character, and community.

Strathallan School

Here, students from over 28 countries from ages 5 - 18 mingle with British pupils and build lasting connections in a melting pot of cultures, traditions and backgrounds.

“We have high expectations at Strathallan and this encourages our pupils to believe in themselves, to be inquisitive, to be resilient and to show ambition both in and out of the classroom. Our pupils feel happy and valued, which gives them the confidence, enthusiasm and social awareness for life-long learning needed to succeed in a fast-changing world.” D M Lauder, Headmaster

Hear from The Students

Strathallan School

Alex White

At Strathallan School, Alex White thrived as a musician, athlete and student. “Since starting, I have been able to try out many things and have made lifelong friendships with many people. I have also known to care for those in my house as I would family,” he shares.

White was keen to excel in his academics and teachers were always ready to help the young boy achieve his goals. As a musician, White shone in the Chamber Choir and Orchestra – so much so that he represented Scotland in the National Youth Choir of Scotland.

Beyond this, White discovered new interests. From squash to drama, he can pursue his passions knowing that he has the support of those around him. “Whatever aspect of school, the staff are always there to help me learn, practise, train and excel, which is great to see as I feel they want me to succeed,” he says.

Strathallan School

Orla Forlan

Orla Forlan is a shining example of Strathallan School’s excellence in sports. “The opportunities I have received during my time at Strathallan have been incredible, from playing in national hockey finals to making friends from all over the world and learning new skills every day,” she says.

New hobbies and talents abound, thanks to the school. “One of the best things about Strathallan for me has to be hockey. All the coaches encourage us to do our best and this season has been extremely rewarding for us as a team,” she says.

Supportive teachers instil a confidence in these young learners they can retain beyond their time at the school. “In the future, I’d like to study criminology or law at university, and I hope to travel the world and play hockey for as long as I can,” says Forlan.

Strathallan School

Sami Lalani

People and opportunities — these are the two things Sami Lalani loves most here. Everybody is friendly and there are just so many things to join. "I do a variety of activities such as Monday night football, Riley orchestra, the Riley pipe band and cooking club," he enthuses.

Like his peers, Lalani's nervous feeling when he joined Prep School quickly disappeared – thanks to how welcoming students, teachers and staff have been. Pair that with the fact that his sister was already at the school, and he instantly felt at home.

That allowed Lalani to truly maximise his experience at this picturesque campus. "I have a lot of time after school to hang around with my friends playing on the paddock or going down to the valley," he shares. "There are also many activities for anyone to join, so there is always something to do. I always stay for tea and my favourite night is pizza night!"


What sets Strathallan School apart from other schools in Scotland is the unique combination of full GCSE and A Level offerings alongside full Highers and Advanced Highers programmes. This triple pathway is designed intentionally to provide learners with the flexibility in learning that gives a diverse range of tertiary education and employment options after school.

With 24 subjects to choose from – one of the broadest curriculums available in the country – these programmes can be customised according to a student's strengths, interests, future study and career goals. Sixth Form pupils can consider the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Combining this broad offering with the many extra-curricular opportunities at Strathallan School, and young learners are suppported to become ambitious individuals set for a bright future.

For international athletes, a robust online learning system helps them to keep up with schoolwork. To facilitate this educational process, the school delivered more than 7,000 live online lessons during the national UK lockdown – a testament to the school’s commitment to providing quality education.

Strathallan School
Strathallan School

Co-curricular Activities

At Strathallan School, the learning doesn't stop when class ends. There are over 80 extra-curricular activities. Some are linked to academic departments. Some are sports. Others are purely recreational. Through comprehensive programmes in athletics, music, and the arts, passions take flight.

SPORT: £22 million invested in facilities over the last two decades – Read More

ARTS: From graphic design and teztimes to film photography and animation, students are encouraged to experiment with the full range of artistic media available and unleash their creativity – Read More

DANCE: The Dance and Drama Studio houses budding ballerinas who are perfecting their skills under the guidance of a RAD-qualified dance teacher – Read More

DRAMA: Plays and musical theatre performances are open to all students to participate in every term – Read More

MUSIC: As music is a big part of the curriculum at Strathallan, as well as being a central focus of extra-curricular activities, there are over 25 music groups of all different styles rehearsing each week – Read More

Strathallan School


Situated in rural Perthshire, Scotland, the green landscape offers students a calm and scenic atmosphere that sets the tone for young learners to learn in the classrooms, play in the fields or explore the outdoors. Programmes like the Combined Cadet Force or Duke of Edinburgh Award take advantage of the natural beauty and allow outdoor enthusiasts to live out their adventurous spirits as well.

An hour’s drive away are two of Scotland’s largest capital cities: Edinburgh and Glasgow – where students can explore museums, unconquered castles or the Edinburgh Old Town. However, many come to find that on campus grounds, there’s enough that will inspire them to stay put.

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