It was a simple plan. Gather up the kids and live abroad for a few years. Maybe do some traveling. Have an adventure. But somewhere along the way, after experiencing some of the best years of our lives with Saudi Aramco, we found we didn't want to leave.

It was hard to explain to family and friends back home why we chose to stay and raise our kids in Saudi Arabia. Now that we're back, it's even harder to explain why we're often homesick for a place that didn't start out as home.

What was it that made us stay? For many of us, it was recognizing that the opportunities Saudi Aramco provided to families were far better than anything we could find back home. We really had it good - and the schools were great. Our kids were getting an education they wouldn't have had elsewhere. You could just see the doors opening up for them.

Nothing has changed. Today Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools are second to none. Kids and educators thrive in an environment that inspires.

Raising kids in Arabia was a real adventure. Doors opened to a world of possibilities. The job may have brought us to Arabia, but this is why we stayed...

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