By Musherf AlAmri

Faisal Mufadhi and Anas Baroom achieve perfect scores on placement exams.

Practice Makes Perfect: College Preparatory Program Students Achieve Top Exam Results
Faisal Mufadhi, left, said taking the exam felt like a culmination of all his hard work. Anas Baroom attributed his perfect score to the open and positive environment in CPP.

Two students in Aramco’s College Preparatory Program (CPP) have been recognized for achieving a perfect score on the Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) exams this year. The students, Faisal Mufadhi and Anas Baroom, are now studying at King’s College London majoring, respectively, in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

AP tests are rigorous, college-level examinations in specific subjects. More than 94,000 students took the AP Computer Science examination in 2023 — placing the Aramco students in the top 0.1% globally. The College Board, a nonprofit institution that oversees AP Testing, formally recognized and congratulated Mufadhi and Baroom on being two of only 91 people in the world to accomplish this feat.

Academic Achievement at the Highest Levels

While this accomplishment is exceptional, it represents a consistent trend of excellence for CPP participants and the program has a long history of academic achievement at the highest levels. With a goal of making students ready for admission to, and success at, international universities, the program extends well beyond what is normally required. Over 86% of CPP students are admitted to the top 30 global universities.

“We are immensely proud of our students as they continue to demonstrate this high-level of achievement. This reflects our ability to attract top talent and provide them with top quality programs.”

Sami T. Al Murshed, vice president of Training and Development

Shireen A. Nawwab, acting CPP Principal, said: “This not only validates the unwavering commitment and diligence of our students, it also underscores the unparalleled quality of educational delivery in the program.”

Baroom attributed his perfect score to the open and positive environment in CPP. “My teachers were always ready and available to provide additional clarification and explanation, as well as sharing a wide range of resources.”

Mufadhi said: “Taking the exam felt like a culmination of all my hard work. With every answer came a memory discussing the lessons with my teachers and peers.”

— The Arabian Sun: October 12, 2023