Paradise in Portugal
Arvid and Jakki
Paradise in Portugal

George Orwell forever gave the year 1984 a bad name when he published "Nineteen Eighty-Four," his dystopian novel depicting a nightmarish future lorded over by Big Brother. For Arvid and Jakki Koris, on the other hand, 1984 was a very good year. It was the year that Arvid, Badge Number 166526, seized what he saw as a great opportunity and began working for Saudi Aramco as a consultant in Continuous Excellence.

Like so many other Aramco annuitants, Arvid carries with him to this day fond memories of the camaraderie that marked his years of living and working in the Kingdom where at various times he and Jakki called the compounds at Yanbu , Rabigh, Udhailiyah, and Dhahran home.

Paradise in Portugal
Arvid Koris
Paradise in Portugal
Jakki Koris - Recent Visit To The Douro Valley

Since Arvid's retirement in 2009, he and Jakki have been living in Portugal, where they spend much of their time traveling, doing charity work and pursuing a shared interest in agriculture.

Last June Arvid and Jakki attended the UK Annuitants Reunion in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of the great English bard William Shakespeare. "It was a great event," they write.

Paradise in Portugal
Douro Valley

Inspired by a recent visit to the vineyards of Portugal's Douro Valley, Jakki would like to share with readers an article on Portugal that appeared in the 13 February 2016 issue of The IndependentPortugal: Venture beyond the Algarve to explore dramatic scenery, quiet corners, and Roman ruins.

"So, why not give Portugal a try?" Jakki writes. "Its lasting charm is for those who crave adventure, culture, peace, love and happiness."

That last line describes a typical Aramco annuitant "to a T" as the old saying goes.

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