Grand Lunch at Farouq Ibrahim’s House in Faisalabad and preparations on the way for Eid Milan Party in Lahore

News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024
Group Photo at Farouq Ibrahim’s house, Faisalabad: (Left to Right): Hafiz Khaled Farooq, Amjad Bilal, Farouq Ibrahim (Host), Riaz Ahmad, Farooq A Khan, Muhammad Ayub, Malik Fazal Mehmood, Raza Ali and Amer Barque.

Mr. and Mrs. Farouq Ibrahim extended a personal lunch invitation to the Executive Committee (ExCom) of Aramco Retirees Association Pakistan (ARAP) and other friends during the dinner at Defence J Club Lahore on January 26, 2024.

A group of friends and their families from Lahore and other cities arrived at Farouq Ibrahim’s House in Abdullah Gardens, Faisalabad on February 25, 2024. The group included Riaz Ahmed, Farooq A Khan, Hafiz Khalid Farooq, Amjad Bilal, Amer Barque, Umer Masood and their spouses, and Malik Fazal Mehmood and Raza Ali from Lahore, covering 200 plus kilometers of travelling mainly on the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway. Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad Ayub joined the group from Faisalabad.

Apologies were received from Muhammad Idrees, Abdul Waheed Sheikh, Syed Arshad Naeem, Syed K.M. Gilani, and Malik Shahid Latif due to their other commitments.

News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024
Group photo of ladies at Farouq Ibrhaim’s Residence Lawn in Faisalabad.

Upon their arrival, the guests were given a very warm welcome by the Farouq family. They were then served with fresh Orange juice, nuts, and homemade sweets like Baisen, Suji, etc. The weather was very pleasant and after some friendly Gupshup and chatting, the food was served on the lawn adding more flavour by the diversity of green plants and fresh air.

News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024
News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024

Variety of foods and appetizers.

The lavish lunch included multiple dishes, a variety of appetizers, and salads like Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Zaater, and bruschetta. The main course included Mutton Kunna, Butter Chicken, Vegetable rice, variety of BBQ and Desi dishes like Saag (Mustarad) and Makai (Corn flour) roti. Dessert including Kheer, Coffee Delight, and Baklawa was served after lunch. All friends shared their personal stories from Saudi Arabia and Aramco time. As usual, Farouq Ibrahim entertained the attendees and kept them engaged with his usual jokes and funny stories making it a very memorable day for everyone.

News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024
Friends posing for a photograph at the dining table.
News from ARAP Lahore - February 27, 2024
Ladies enjoying their last bites of the delicious dishes.

All friends and their families enjoyed the food and gathering. Here is a glimpse of their feedback:

  • Riaz Ahmad: My sincere thanks for the warm and exceptional hospitality. We enjoyed the variety of delicious food. Thanks to Farouq Ibrahim's family.
  • Farooq A Khan: It was a great G2G (get-together), lavish food and so many jokes Thanks to the Farouq family for inviting us.
  • Muhammad Ayub: It was a wonderful gathering and marvelous hospitality by Farouq Ibrahim and family.
  • Amjad Bilal: Thanks for inviting us to an amazing get-together. It was worth driving 200km to see you and all your great friends. We enjoyed the warm welcome and awesome hospitality, not to mention the wonderful talk and JazakAllah May you all stay healthy, happy, and blessed.

ARAP Eid Milan Party on April 27, 2024 in Lahore

ARAP announced the date and venue of the Eid Milan Party planned in Lahore. All members were informed during the first week of February about its registration process and ticket cost through their WhatsApp numbers. March 5, 2024, is the last date for the payment of the ticket cost. The party will be held on April 27, 2024, and the tentatively selected venue is Riaz Ahmed’s Farm House in Nasheman Iqbal Phasse-2, Lahore. All ARAP members are eligible to register and attend. Also, non-registered Pakistani retired/Ex/active employees of Aramco can attend the party subject to the availability of seats. ARAP Lahore has also extended its invitation to SAEEA Karachi members. The non-registered members can contact any of the Executive Committee members or send an email to if they have any questions or need further information about the event, registration, or ticket cost.