NED69ers Mini Reunion
Sitting: L to R: Engr. Pervez Randhawa, Engr. Abdul Majid Adam (The Host), Engr. Omar Vawda
Standing: L to R: Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari, Engr. Akber Ismail, Engr. Babar Ghaznavi, Engr. Sami Ur Rehman, Engr. Iqbal Hussain, Engr. Lt Col® Rehan Akhtar, Engr. Cdr. ® Najam ul Husnain, Engr. Abdul Rahim, Engr. Muhammad Hamid, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan, Engr. Lt Col® Shahid Qureshi, Javaid Shaikh, Justice® Athar Saeed, Abid Ali, Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik

NED69ers gathered once again for a mini-reunion on March 21, 2022. Abdul Majid Adam hosted a dinner at Services Mess, Karachi, in honour of all NED69ers who were available in Karachi as well as a few other friends.

Engr. Abdul Majid Adam, NED69ers Mechanical, who is settled in Houston Texas, USA, was in town for the past few weeks. He was very busy visiting the Saaf Paani Projects which he is organizing in Karachi and Interior Sindh.

NED69ers Mini Reunion
The Host - Engr. Abdul Majid Adam
NED69ers Mini Reunion
Naveed Aziz Mughal, Haider Ali Shah, Najam Ul Hasnain, Abdul Majid Adam and Omar Vawda, Abdul Majid Adam is getting ready to deliver is speech on Saaf Paani.

The attendees were as follows:

  • Engr. Akbar Ismail - Civil
  • Engr. Babar Ghaznavi - Mechanical
  • Engr. Abdur Rahim - Mechanical
  • Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik - Electrical
  • Justice ®Athar Saeed - Guest
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Mechanical
  • Engr. Col® Shahid Qureshi - Electrical
  • Engr. Omar Vawda - Mechanical
  • Engr. Pervez Randhawa - Civil
  • Engr. Muhammad Hamid - Mechanical
  • Engr. Cdr® Najam Ul Hasnain - Mechanical
  • Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari - Electrical
  • Engr. Sami Ur Rehman - Civil
  • Engr. Col® Rehan Akhtar - Mechanical
  • Engr. Iqbal Hussain - Mechanical
  • Javaid Shaikh - Guest
  • Haider Ali Shah - Saaf Paani
  • Naveed Aziz Mughal - Saaf Paani

The Host: Engr. Abdul Majid Adam-Mechanical

NED69ers Mini Reunion
All the guests are seated in the dining Hall.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
All the NED69ers are enjoying the delicious dinner.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan is trying to explain something to the audience.

The friends who could not attend due to prior commitments/short notice were as follows:

  • Engr. Sohail Bashir - Chairman – Institute of Engineers Karachi Centre - Civil
  • Engr. Rahmatullah Ganaai – Electrical
  • Engr. Iqbal Hameed – Mechanical
  • Engr. Aqleem Aleem – Mechanical
  • Engr. Syed Abul Hassan Jafri – Electrical
  • Engr. Younus Shaikh – Civil
NED69ers Mini Reunion
Abdul Majid Adam, Omar Vawda, Pervez Randhawa, Javaid Shaikh enjoying the dinner.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
All the NED69ers and guests are enjoying the delicious food.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
Omar Vowda, Pervez Randhawa, Akber Ismial, Justice ® Athar Saeed, Cdr. ® Najmul Hasnain, Abdul Rahim are waiting for dessert to be served.

It was an excellently arranged dinner, thanks to Rehan Akhtar.

Everyone enjoyed the long-awaited social get-together of NED69ers.

Abdul Majid Adam explained the aims and objectives of the Saaf Paani Project and gave a progress report on his beautiful programme starting from its inception.

NED69ers Mini Reunion
Engr. Cdr. ® Najam ul Husnain, Engr. Abdul Rahim, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan listening to the discussion going on after the dinner.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
All the members are enjoying the food.
NED69ers Mini Reunion
Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Engr. Babar Ghaznavi and Abid Ali are waiting for the dessert.

He described the various steps taken by him to ensure that each and every Rupee/ Dollar received as a donation is spent on the actual project, and nothing is wasted in supporting administration efforts, etc.

All the participants appreciated the untiring and dedicated efforts of Abdul Majid Adam in the Saaf Paani Project. We wish him all the best and pray for him that ALMIGHTY accept his hard work and shower HIS Blessing on him and his family, Ameen.

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