NED69ers Mini Reunion – February 14, 2020
Engr. Mohammad Afzal, Engr. Col® Syed Zafar Ahmad, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Engr. Rahmatullah Ganaai, Engr. Khalid Iqbal, Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik, Engr. Aqleem Aleem, Engr. Babar Ghaznavi, Engr. Hasan Habib Imdadi, on the back, Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari, Engr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam Khan

NED69ers are spread all over the globe with relatives still in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan. Recently, Engr. Khalid Iqbal, Mechanical engineer, came from Virginia, United States, to visit his family in Karachi and Islamabad. Iqbal A. Khan and Muhammad Hamid took the initiative to arrange a get-together dinner at Karachi Club on February 14, 2020 in Karachi. The attendees were as follows:

  • Engr. Khalid Iqbal-Mechanical - Chief Guest
  • Engr. Cdr® Abid Iqbal - Guest and younger brother of Khalid Iqbal
  • Engr. Muhammad Hamid - Mechanical
  • Engr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam Khan - Electrical
  • Engr. Babar Ghaznavi - Mechanical
  • Engr. Syed Abul Hasan Jafri - Electrical
  • Engr. Hasan Habib Imdadi - Civil
  • Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari - Electrical
  • Engr. Col® Syed Zafar Ahmad - Mechanical
  • Engr. Aqleem Aleem - Mechanical
  • Engr. Mohammad Afzal - Civil
  • Engr. Rahmatullah Ganaai - Electrical
  • Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik - Electrical
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Mechanical

The friends who could not attend due to prior commitments were as follows:

  • Engr. Kersi Edulji - Mechanical
  • Engr. Umar Vowda - Mechanical
  • Engr. Samadullah Khan - Mechanical
  • Engr. Iqbal Hameed - Mechanical
  • Engr. Mohammad Hassan - Civil
  • Engr. Mohammad Akbar Ismail - Civil
  • Engr. Wizarat Ali Khan - Mechanical
  • Engr. Cdre ® Najmul Hasnain - Mechanical
NED69ers Mini Reunion – February 14, 2020
Students and the Staff are walking and explaining the idea all around the NEDUET Campus

It was a great evening as most of us met Engr. Khalid Iqbal after fifty one years. We all enjoyed remembering the sweet old memories of our NED Government Engineering College Karachi - at present it is called as the Old Campus of NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi. Every participant shares his part down the memory lane of four years of stay at the campus. All NED69ers were so friendly with Khalid’s brother and never allow him to feel as if he is a stranger in the gathering. Abid enjoyed as much as all others did.

Zafar mentioned about the trees we planted last year at the NEDUET Campus and in one year time those trees are looking a big fruit orchard. Each tree is against every NED69ers with his name plate-made of Stainless Steel. One thing more mentioned by Zafar that the VC of NEDUET has announced that every Friday NEDUET will be Going “Green” meaning that no auto mobile will be allowed inside the campus all have to either walk or use bicycles all around the campus.

The food was very delicious and was very well served and every member enjoyed it. The dessert was served as per two choices either a “Crunch Kulfi” or “Cream Caramel

Last but not the least we prayed for the Mugfarat of our friend Late Engr. M. Umer Chotani - Civil who left us few months back.

Short Introduction of our Chief Guest

NED69ers Mini Reunion – February 14, 2020
Khalid Iqbal, Chief Guest

“Khalid Iqbal was born in India and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession with an expertise in Metallurgy and failure analysis. He completed his graduate studies in Canada. For the past 20 years, he dedicated himself to non-profit work. His passion for family development led him to the creation of Rahmaa Institute, an organization that is dedicated to the issues that are involved in Muslim marriages, conflict resolution, divorce, domestic violence and anger prevention. He has developed a comprehensive 8-hour premarital counseling course based on Islamic guidance and has used these resources to help hundreds of individuals and couples in overcoming their marital issues.

He has also developed a 16 session domestic violence and anger prevention course based on the Quran and Sunnah that has helped dozens of individuals and couples with positive results. He travels all over the country and internationally to present family development seminars and workshop. He also conducts short training workshops on how to deliver premarital and anger courses and on other topics to the Imams, community leaders and social workers.

He has been on the board of several nonprofit and professional organizations including Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Human Concern International (HCI) and American Society of Materials (ASM). He has also served as the Director of Operations at CAIR and Deputy Director at All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS). Currently, he is part of the Imams council of Michigan where he recently organized a comprehensive Domestic violence prevention and premarital counseling workshop for the Imams.

He has been married for 47 years, have three wonderful children and ten grand children.

Khalid Iqbal

Strengthening Bonds & Building Relationships in Muslim Families


Special visit to Engr. Iqbal Hameed Kanpuri

NED69ers Mini Reunion – February 14, 2020
Engr. Iqbal Hameed, Mechanical

Engr. Iqbal Hameed Kanpuri is not feeling well and was not in a position to attend the Mini Reunion. His wife requested us, if possible you all can visit and meet Iqbal as he is very anxious to meet Khalid. The schedule of Khalid Iqbal was very tight as his flight to Islamabad was on Sunday and only Saturday was there for him to meet all his relatives and friends. I checked with Khalid about possibility to visit Iqbal. He checked out his Saturday plan and called me back in ten minutes and confirmed that we can visit him but for a very short time. We went to visit Iqbal and I cannot explain the happiness on Iqbal’s face to meet his old buddy and all of us. It was so great on Khalid part that being so busy he spared some time to visit Iqbal Hameed.


NED69ers Mini Reunion – February 14, 2020
A Leather Wallet with a name on it for Khalid Iqbal

We decided to present some souvenirs to Khalid Iqbal as a remembrance of his visit to Karachi. The gift items we presented Khalid were as follows:

  • Hard copy of the magazine we published on the occasion of NED69ers Golden Jubilee Celebrations in February 2019.
  • A coat Pin which was given to all participants during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
  • To remember Karachi a wallet was presented to him with his name on it. It will always remind him his visit to Karachi.

Finally, its time to depart with the pledge to be in contact with each other and Insha Allah we all will meet again soon in the near future, Insha Allah.

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