Natasha and Jaxon's Wedding

Natasha Marwah, a graduate of the Aramco school in Dhahran Class of 1999, and Jaxon Love tied the knot on October 6th, 2018 in Houston, TX. A lot of ex-Aramcons were in attendance who had come from different parts of the US and Canada to attend the wedding.

Natasha and Jaxon had first met in the Peace Corps in Jordan in 2006. Then they reconnected in 2014 and the rest is history.

Natasha works for the US Forest Services and Jaxon recently joined Paypal. They live in San Jose, CA.

The bride’s sister Aneesha did a marvelous job being the MC. The parents Neena and Ashok Marwah lived in Dhahran for 20 years and retired to Houston in 2012.

Natasha and Jaxon's Wedding
Ex-Aramcons in attendance were:
Sitting: Mina Choi, Tanaz Khory, Amy Dickens, Simi Khanna, Ruba Ayat, Sarah Davidson
Standing: Carol Serna, Aneesha Marwah (bride’s sister), Natasha Marwah (bride), Ashok Marwah (Father of bride), Kusum Khanna, Neena Marwah (mother of bride), Lynn Love (groom’s mother), Unna Ramanathan, Gouri Dharwadkar, Uma Fernandez, Gabriel Fernandez, Shriram Dharwadkar, Raxa Patel,
Back row: Wilfred Carvalho, Farouk Khory, Jaxon Love (groom), Raj Khanna, Jasmine Carvalho, Yasmin Khory, Steve Khanna, Mukesh Patel

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