Left to right: Katelyn, Jonel, Brian, Lisa and Justin

Brian and Jonel Martindale will be bidding farewell to longtime friends and teammates on April 30, heading to retirement in the Houston area. Brian first came to Arabia to work as a contractor in 1977. He joined Saudi Aramco in 1980; he and Jonel lived in Ras Tanura until 1984. He left the company for a brief four years and returned to work for Aramco in Yanbu in 1988. They moved to Dhahran in 1993 where he has worked for the Communications Operations Department as an Advanced Technical Advisor. Brian and Jonel have been active with the Dhahran Men’s Softball Association (DMSA) in Dhahran since 1994 when Brian joined the Bat Attitudes. He served on the board of the DMSA first as vice president and then as president until 2012. Along with softball, Brian enjoyed power boating and fishing in the Gulf and was a yacht club member for many years. He hosted many fish fries for his friends and teammates over the years with the fish he caught. Brian, also an avid woodworker, did lovely woodworking projects for friends and family. Jonel came to Saudi Arabia in 1970 with her family and grew up in Ras Tanura. She met and married Brian in 1979. She acted as scorekeeper for the DMSA for over twenty years and also worked at the Dhahran Academy for four years after their children left for boarding school. Brian and Jonel have three children all living in Texas. Son Justin and his wife Amanda have a son and live in Austin. Lisa and her husband Jesse and their daughter live in Sugarland. Katelyn will reside with her parents in Missouri City. Brian and Jonel have been esteemed contributors to community life in Dhahran and will be greatly missed. Contact them at bw_martindale@yahoo.com.