Mariam Celebrated Her 18th Happy Birthday
Mariam Ata Ur Rehman with her parents, Dr. Ata Ur Rehman and Dr. Kiran Ata Ur Rehman.

Mariam's 18th birthday was a milestone event that brought her close-knit family together in a warm and memorable celebration. Surrounded by her loving parents Ata Ur Rehman and Kiran Ata Ur Rehman, brothers Habib Ur Rehman and Obaid Ur Rehman, cherished Aunt Tanveer Fatima, and a handful of cousins, the day was marked by laughter, love, and a deep sense of togetherness. The setting was her home, where the heartwarming festivities took place on the evening of October 18th.

Amidst the gentle October breeze, the day couldn't have been more perfect. The coziness of the family home served as the ideal backdrop for this special occasion. The simple yet elegant decorations that adorned the house reflected her style and taste, creating an atmosphere of charm and familiarity.

Mariam Celebrated Her 18th Happy Birthday
Mariam with her brothers Habib Ur Rehman, Engr. Obaid Ur Rehman, cousin Arsalan Ali Khan and Muhammad Wasi.

The evening began with Mariam's mom and dad preparing a sumptuous feast, which was filled with all of her favorite dishes. The scent of her mom's signature mandi and famous fried chicken filled the air, making everyone's mouths water. It was a meal made with love.

The ambiance was filled with joy and excitement as the family gathered around the table. The birthday girl, radiating happiness, was seated at the head, surrounded by her loved ones. The birthday cake, adorned with colorful candles and everyone sang "Happy Birthday".

Mariam Celebrated Her 18th Happy Birthday
Mariam Ata Ur Rehman with her cousin Yusra Wasi, Myrah Hussain, Anum Wasi, Eshal Wasi and Muhammad Wasi.

It was a night filled with storytelling and laughter as her brothers and cousins shared their most treasured memories with her, from the funny childhood mishaps to the supportive camaraderie that had blossomed over the years. Her aunt, who had always been a second mother to her, offered words of wisdom and love, reminding her of the strong support system she had.

As the evening progressed, the family played board games and relished the friendly competition. The shared moments and collective happiness made the bond among them even stronger. Mariam's family has always been there for her, and this birthday was a testament to their unwavering love and affection.

Mariam Celebrated Her 18th Happy Birthday
Mariam with her parents Dr. Ata Ur Rehman, Dr. Kiran Ata Ur Rehman and Aunt Tanveer Fatima.

As the night drew to a close, Mariam looked around at the smiling faces of her loved ones, feeling immensely grateful for this intimate celebration. The 18th birthday she had envisioned wasn't about grandeur or extravagance; it was about being surrounded by those who meant the world to her, in the comfort of her own home.

This celebration was a reminder that sometimes the most meaningful moments are the simplest ones. Mariam was blessed to have a family who understood her, supported her, and loved her unconditionally. It was a day etched in her memory, and a reminder that the love of family and cherished moments spent together were the true treasures in life.

Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) wish Mariam a very Happy Birthday and pray for her to have many more in her life. Mariam, take good care of yourself and be blessed and prosperous in your future life, Ameen.