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Jello can be bought in the 24-ounce package at a substantial savings.  This package makes 35 one half cup servings or 17 one cup servings.

Proportions for Use:
a) To prepare equivalent to one regular package: measure one half cup jello to one cup hot water; stir to dissolve and add one cup cold water.
b) To prepare the equivalent of two regular packages: measure 7/8 cup jello to two cups hot water; stir to dissolve and add two cups cold water.

Ideas for Other Uses:
a) Protein Drink: Add ¼ cup (= 4 tbsp.) jello to one cup of hot water.  This is a healthful substitute for hot tea or coffee.  It is a delicious source of protein, beneficial to your nails and hair.
b) Mini-pops: Make jello in quantity (using proportions shown above) and freeze in an ice cube tray as a cooling snack for children.
c) Icing ingredient: Jello can be added to icings for color and flavor.  Keep package handy and add the dry powder to the icing mixture until you achieve the effect desired.

Linda Hall