Good news! We have learned that Kristofer made it home to Charlotte on March 8th.

A letter from Myron Scoggins:

Hello to all,

As time runs by we focus on our lives and those around us. But on occasion, there is a need to reach out to all we know for that little bit of assistance. Rhonda and I have been in Muscat, Oman since December 23rd trying our best to make a difference in the lives of a few people.

Our son, Kristofer LeRibeus, was recently involved in a catastrophic car accident in Oman which has left him a quadriplegic. Our family is coordinating his urgent evacuation to the USA for medical care and we need your support. We launched a GoFundMe site to raise funds to get Kristofer home for the treatment he needs. Please read his story, contribute as you can, and forward it to others. All your kindness is much appreciated.

We need to get Kristofer home as soon as possible to begin his recovery under the care of a neurosurgeon and in a rehabilitation center in Charlotte, NC.

Please send our message to as many people as possible via social media or email. The GoFundMe page can be found here:

Should you need to communicate directly with the family, please write to:

Regards and thank you for being so kind.


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Kristofer is the son of Myron Scoggins and Rhonda LeRibeus-Scoggins. He arrived in Abqaiq in November 1980 when he was just two years old. The family lived in Abqaiq from 1980-1987 and returned to live in Dhahran from May 1989-2007. Kristofer has twin brothers Bryson and Blake LeRibeus.

Growing up, Kristofer's main interest was baseball and he was playing Little League before he was old enough. At one point, Kristofer was on the all-star baseball traveling team. Coach Cornell Seymour was a major influence in his life. Rhonda, Kristofer's mother says, "Other than his father, Chuck LeRibeus, who passed away in 2007, Cornell Seymour had an important role in shaping the kind and caring man Kristofer has become. He not only helped Chuck coach baseball, but he nurtured young boys into fine young men."

Kristofer graduated from high school in 1997 and from the University of South Florida in May 2006. He married Allison Hostetter in January 2006. The couple has a 15-year-old son, Dylan. He loves spending quality time with his family.

Kristofer loved all sports. As an adult, he loved being outdoors - hiking, camping, surfing, gardening. He is very eco-conscientious, taking care of this great big world we live in.

The following report appears on the GoFundMe site that is being managed by Kristofer's brother-in-law.

The Accident

Help Get Kristofer LeRibeus Home

On December 16, 2021, my brother-in-law, Kristofer LeRibeus was involved in a catastrophic car accident and suffered a severe spinal cord injury resulting in total paralysis below the neck and leaving him a quadriplegic. Driving in a remote area of Oman, the exact circumstances of the crash are still unknown. But in that instant, everything changed; his neck was broken at the C6/7 vertebrae and his life was in danger. Kristofer was rushed to a nearby emergency room and stabilized so he could be transferred safely to a hospital in the capital city of Muscat. To date, Kristofer has undergone two surgeries to alleviate pressure around the spinal cord and stabilize his neck with metal rods and brackets. The hope was to regain some functionality below his neck, however, the damage was extensive and these procedures have had limited success. In the first few days it was not even clear whether Kristofer would survive. His diaphragm was affected by the paralysis, and breathing was difficult. Thankfully, after undergoing various respiratory procedures since, Kristofer is now breathing on his own.

The prognosis is not good. After six weeks of intensive care, he is still completely paralyzed from the waist down, with some sensation in his hands, and is now battling other complications including a stage-four pressure sore, various infections, and significant pain. It will still take several months to know the full extent of his injuries as swelling and inflammation in his spine are monitored. While the acute injury care he is receiving in Oman has been focused on keeping him stable, it has been determined that he will require long term resources and intensive inpatient rehabilitation for his quadriplegic diagnosis.

Oman Backstory

In 2015, Kristofer took a job at Petroleum Development Oman, and he moved to Muscat from Asheville, NC with his family - his wife Allison (Alli) Hostetter, son Dylan and dog Lincoln. Not long after settling in, the family adopted another beloved dog Toki. Toki and Lincoln are a significant part of their lives and adventures in Oman. In fact, both dogs were with Kristofer at the time of the accident. Lincoln remained with Kristofer until the ambulance arrived and Toki was miraculously found by a kind Omani man over 100 km away swimming in the sea. The dogs were reunited with Alli and both are doing well.

The move to Oman was met with excitement as Kristofer and Alli were no strangers to the Middle East, having both grown up in Saudi Arabia while their parents worked for Aramco in Abqaiq and Dhahran from the 1980’s to mid-2000’s. Kristofer enjoyed playing baseball with his twin brothers Bryson and Blake. Bryson now lives in Mandeville, Louisiana and Blake in Austin, Texas.

During their time in Oman, they have grown to love the country and people, often exploring and camping in remote areas of the country. Kristofer was extremely active in the CrossFit and F45 fitness communities and was well known for his positive outlook and enthusiastic energy with the other members. He is an avid waterman at heart and frequently explored the Omani coast in search of the perfect wave.

Help Get Kristofer LeRibeus Home

Current Family Situation

Upon learning about the accident, Kristofer's mother Rhonda and father Myron immediately flew from Houston to be with their son, only to later learn the full extent of his injuries. They were soon joined by Alli's sister Shelly, from nearby Saudi Arabia. As of now, Kristofer requires full time care – that means turning him every two hours, plus bathing, eating, and pain management. He is unable to even press the call button to ask for help, requiring Rhonda and Alli to alternate 24-hour shifts to assist with Kristofer's care, while also tracking his medications and meals. Although the current care has been focused on his medical stability, the environment in a large hospital makes a difficult situation even more challenging, as you could imagine. There are also governmental administrative matters such as visa requirements for visiting family and obligations that make it impossible to continue in this manner. Alli and Rhonda are exhausted, as are the other supporting family members. The situation there is simply unsustainable.

There is Hope for the Future

The good news is that Kristofer has been accepted for treatment by a prominent neurosurgeon at a specialist hospital in Charlotte, NC, (Atrium Health Carolinas Medical) which is an immense blessing. However, orchestrating this small miracle from overseas is proving to be as difficult as you can imagine it would be. Kristofer is due in Charlotte on February 1, 2022, and the family is trying desperately to arrange the special transportation required to get him back home to the States and continue his care closer to family.

It is only after exhausting all other options available that I, Mark Stenov, Kristofer’s brother-in-law, am now reaching out to you, our family, and friends, for support as we navigate the process of arranging a commercial flight medical stretcher from Oman to Charlotte, NC. The total cost of that flight is estimated at $72,000. A financial burden we are unable to bear alone. The service is 'bed to bed' meaning that it includes hospital coordination in Oman, ambulance, paramedics on the plane, modifying the commercial aircraft, airport transfers, immigration and other logistics. The planned route is from Muscat, through Istanbul Turkey, to Atlanta and then via ambulance on to Charlotte. This will be an intense experience – a 30-hour flight plus all the requirements for Kristofer to be rolled every two hours, fed and pain managed for the duration.

Help Get Kristofer LeRibeus Home

Kristofer's Oman insurance covers his medical expenses while he is in Oman, and no transportation or care outside of the country. His American medical insurance will only cover medical expenses once he is in the US, which means we are left to shoulder the full weight of his evacuation. Kristofer needs to be home, in the USA, near sustainable family support and he needs a specialist hospital/rehabilitation clinic in order to improve his chances of recovery.

All available resources to get him this far have now been exhausted and the urgency of the situation has reduced those options even further. The final cost for all the care Kristofer will need will not be known for several months. The priority upon arriving in Charlotte will focus on getting him strong enough to endure the months of rehabilitation ahead, all yet to be fully understood.

What we do know: The severity of his injuries, his prognosis, challenging circumstances for the family to stay in Oman to help and the transportation cost to the USA. The situation as it stands is unsustainable and his family cannot continue to care for him half a world away from home.

If you would like to contribute to Get Kristofer Home, please use the GoFundMe platform.

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All funds will be distributed to his wife Alli, as she has full Power of Attorney for medical decisions and will coordinate the medical financing on behalf of Kristofer.

Kristofer's mother, Rhonda, writes, "The outpouring of love and generosity has been so overwhelming and we will never be able to express our gratefulness to everyone. It is amazing how many lives Kristofer and our extended family have touched. They say it takes a village. We have seen the love and support from all over the world.

"Medical expenses are going to be an ongoing issue for a long time. There is progress being made each day. We look for the smallest of signs. $1.00 is just as precious as $1,000.00. If you are unable to donate you can help by saying prayers for Kristofer and his family. Thanks so much."