George and Barbara Homolka are retired - often simply tired - in the Czech Republic. Brezina-Zahradka is the estate where we live, restituted to George, which his grandfather Antonin purchased in 1908.

We do not have Bed and Breakfast guests constantly, a good thing, since we devote so much time to each person or group. Our main business is the woodshop and then the farm. You can read about them on the website our daughter, Leslie Homolka Craigmyle, created Zamek-Brezina (Chateau of the White Birches).

Our address is:

George and Barbara Homolka
Brezina 1
394-21 Horpnik
Czech Republic
Telephone: 420-365-497-384

Pay attention to the directions when you come visit, because there are 12 Brezinas in the Czech Republic, actually including another one in our district, or county, Pelhrimov!! Directions are on the website, or ask us.

David (RT '83) and his wife Milena live in Pacov, a town about 5 miles away.

All four daughters now live in the states.  Ann (RT'90) and Caroline (RT'84) and husband Tim Masters reside in Philadelphia; Leslie (DH '80) and husband Rob Craigmyle are in Oneonta, New York and Alice (RT'86) and husband Christian Tate live in the Boston area.

An interesting sideline is that Christian's Uncle Bob Marsh was, until his death in December '97, one of the "real old timers" (Aramcon).

All of us, including David, who's in charge of the carpenter shop and wood products production, enjoy having visitors, showing them around, catching up on friends, learning more about different lives. With a couple from Corpus Christi, dinner table talk was all of the oil patch. They'd found our website when planning their trip to the Czech Republic.

A woman who owns a Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast, found us on the web; we exchanged B and B tips while we made supper. Eight Nebraska farmers and business people, all related, found relatives here. One couple is returning in August. A student club and advisors, from Connecticut visited interesting tourist sites, and in the evenings spent time with the sheep in the barn (!), or built a fire and talked and sang. People have come from Holland, UK, Ireland, Africa, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada, Spain, and Finland.

George's training as a chemical engineer comes in handy - George is distilling nearly every day. The product is essential oil of yarrow or spruce. Over several years we planted fields of yarrow, most sold dried. Spruce needles are a by-product of lumbering for our woodshop production.

Process Computing, George worked for Process Computer Department with Aramco, plays its part in regulating wood drying. We also use computers in bookkeeping, and use the internet to look up essential oils and other information.